Please help. Tip of bud has leaves dieing

Just started yesterday. Last water 2 days ago ph 6.6. Last feeding with ff trio 4 days at half strength. Sitting under 600 watt led.

only affecting the main bud and not my other plant.

I was thinking light burn, but the tippy top looks fine. Maybe a boron deficiency.

Lights are at 16 inches. Can’t go any higher. But there is no heat at that distance. Only thing I have found is possible copper difency

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I will see if I can get another inch from the lights. But was wondering if epson would help at all. Bottom of plant is fine.

Also could be from too much K. What do the TDS/EC test at?

I just got my tester in so that’s why I have been feeding half nutes. Started at a 1/3 and started when I went to half strength. I thought signs would start from bottom of plant not the very top. Don’t want to loose my sweet big bud


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Maybe half strength is all she wants?

It’s been a great easy grow to this point. Wondering if I should remove the effected leave or just wait to see if it spreads more. Thank you for your help

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Have you tested your runoff? Next feed or watering (should be just pH’d watering for this reason) check the tds of you runoff. See how much food the girls have in there

Runoff has not been tested yet. Do you think they will recover or atleast last till harvest. I have been keeping water in correct ph with only half recommended ff nutes. I really really need to get this to harves to treat my pain issues. My 2 plants are needed to last me till my next grow. They will be autos for the faster growing times

She looks like she will b fine. Just keep a close eye on her day to day. Definitely always check going in and coming out.

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