Please help this beginner

I WOKE UP TO SOMETHING I DIDN’T LIKE. So I’m actually planning on starting a journal today at some point to track my progress. This is my first grow and I’m growing DWC IN A 5 gallon bucket. I have a 36x36x72 tent with a 4 inch exhaust fan, an oscillating fan, and a 1000w parfectworks Led grow light.

So to the problem. The bean that I’m growing is a random one gifted by a friend so I do not know the strain. It’s at the moment of this post 23 days old. I noticed this issue on the leavesimage

I haven’t seen any bugs or anything like pests in the grow are. To be honest I’m stressing because this is my baby and I don’t want anything negative to happen.

These are the nutrients that I’m using currently

This is my first post to the site so I hope I did everything correctly. I appreciate any help.

You talking about the wrinkles in leaves? That’s potentially an issue with temp in relation to rh, or vapor pressure deficit. Or maybe fan blowing a little too hard directly on plant? If not something like that, maybe your water temp is a little high or something.

Hey there. So I do live in a rather warm climate with a harder to control environment. But the highest it gets in the tent is about 84 degrees. I don’t have a chiller or anything but I’ve recently been puttting a frozen water bottle in the res to keep it cooler.

Really what has me concerned is what I have circled red. Theses little holes in the leaves

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I didn’t see those first time. Probably bugs. You will probably need magnification to identify.

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Oh no… :man_facepalming: I’ll have to break out the loops. Guess I have some research to do.

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Chances are spinosad will zap them. But best to make sure so you’re not wasting time and money with improper treatment.