Please Help! Tap Root Growing Outside Of Rockwool On The Side Of Cube!

High Everyone,
My germination was going well… both seeds popped in under 2 days. A few hours ago I discovered the WW tap root growing out the side of the rockwool… it’s seeking out water & the infant is trying to pop out the top (pic attached). The only thing I can think to do is gently open the rockwool with small instrument & place taproot inside…then cover over with the RW. Will that be ok? I need advise.

The GG#4 is fine and indicating to me she’s going to show me some greenery real soon. Both have sufficient moisture in their cubes.

Thanks in advance for all help… Key

I’d tear a second rock wool cube in half, moisten it then place it next to the exposed root tip, wrapping the two pieces in aluminium foil, around the edges, to hold them together leaving the top and bottom open…playing around with the root anymore may do more harm than good.

the root should grow downward seeking water


I’d do what you suggested but don’t have another rockwool, so the only thing my gut tells me is gently tunnel out the rw cube with a wooden skewer, gently place tap root in and cover with rw fibers. If I don’t do something, she will die from lack of H2o.

Kabongster… within in minutes of me talking with you I went and got her to begin a surgery and OMG look what happened… ain’t she cute with her top hat lol. Thanks for coming to my aid :herb::leaves::herb:


bring the hydroton right to top place her right into unit root just found path of least resistance not a big issue or even just wrap side in foil as @kabongster suggested


Thanks Donald… I brought hydroton to top as you suggested. The white widow seems to be ok for now…but… the GG#4 is in trouble!!! I just found the entire seedling taproot and all had popped out of the cube had formed into a circle just laying on top of grodan cube…that cube definely felt dry (sorry no pix I had to work swiftly in attempt to save her). I placed it back inside cube, added small amount of H2o/ ph5.5 in container bottom …put a frozen ice cube tray under both containers.

At this stage is it alright to put them both in the grow tent… in their bubbler buckets with my Meizhi 450 watt LED? Right now they are under a cheap led light. If so, how far should light be from them? And should I switch from 24 hrs to 18/6? Both are Auto’s.

I’m at a loss here… everything was going so well… until these issues. :weary:

you could keep on 24 with the small light or bigger light at a good distance 30" or so and work down, the trick to seeds in rockwool is to tear a corner off the rockwool and lightly fill hole above seed not too tight but enough it encounters resistance this forces tap root to attache. In turn the root will drive down rather than simply pushing everything out of hole (just for future info) don’t worry once you get out of this stage they are less fragile

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Would it help or hinder the situation by putting them into their bubbler buckets right now–in the tent?

It wouldn’t change much but you would still want to keep rockwool from getting to dry via top watering and placing dome or cover on them

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