Please help, Sickly looking plant. I’m stumped

I have no idea what’s going on here. Quick run down. 3 Amnesia autos. 2 look sick. Day 41. FFOF on. Bottom half of pot and FFHF on top half. 3 gallon fabric pots, 2000 and 1000 spider farm LED. 18” from canopy. 82F days, 77F nights. Inkbird humidity controller and right now it’s set @ 60RH. +/- 5RH each way. So my room is set to stay between 55RH and 65RH. 4” intake and exhaust. Co2 bag No nutes yet. Plain ph water,however since day 21 once a week I give them 2.5mils/gallon of earth juice molasses. I’m also doing 3 dreamberry and all those looking pretty good, as well as one of my amnesia. But two of them have thin whispy looking leaves on top, drooping and curling under. As well as so,e yellowing. Anyone have any ideas at all? Light burn? They are my two tallest. I would appreciate all thoughts. Appreciate it. Hoping everyone’s is staying safe…and medicated :exploding_head:

@registereduser any ideas.?

How often do you water and with how much?

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Here lately it’s been every other day. I only water to little runoff, basically just enough to ph and ppm my runoff. Which is about 4 (8oz) cups per plant. I wait for topsoil to dry and do knuckle test and lift method before watering again. I use tap water that has sat out for 24 hours with an air stone to release chlorine. And also add treatment to kill chlormines (not spelled right). My tap water is about 7.4 and use down to get it between 6.4 and 6.8. My tap water has 177 ppm. Just ask if ya need more info. Thanks for any and all help.:+1:

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Id do a flush, and then not feed for a week. Lookss over fed and over watered to me. Make sure your ph on flush run off is 6.0 to 6.8. Check back in a week after only water.


@Silverback. I haven’t fed at all. Unless you count the molasses. Since it’s in FFOF and my ppm runoff readings were good, I’ve been only giving water. Plus a weekly molasses. But I’m thinking I will have to start feeding nutes in next few weeks. And I was thinking a flush too. But i was afraid to wash away too many nutes in the soil. Thanks for the tips

its an odd one man… for real. The only time mine look that way is when I skip an extra day or two of watering. I see one of your plants is in a fabric pot so I don’t think your root bound, and I have never seen a plant over watered in a smartpot… good luck man, keep me in the loop and I’ll do what I can

I’d do like @Silverback suggests, flush get PPM reading of runoff and then let her dry out for about 4 days. my AH had some clawing going on in flower that seemed to be from too much air movement from fans in tent. I also was stingy with water being afraid to over water. One thing I noticed about FFOF is it doesn’t hold a lot of water. I have one in FFOF and one in Kind soil now. The Kind soil doesn’t get to runoff as quickly as the FFOF does. I would look to watering to runoff every four days or so depending on how heavy the pot feels. Check your runoff PPM and once you’re below 1000PPM start feed again. Also keep your Nute mix going in within the range specified by the manufacturer. I’m learning to so don’t get too disappointed. We learn something new everyday and still die stupid.

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That’s clawing from N toxicity. Entirely possible to have phenos in your grow that behave differently. Possibly a root issue too.

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Thank you @Myfriendis410. So since I’m not feeding any nutes. For it to get nitrogen toxicity, would that mean it’s getting that from the FFOF? So would you suggest a flush?

It would be good to see what the runoff TDS and PH is. Personally I believe it’s something in the root zone giving you trouble. Clawing is usually associated with N tox but seems too severe for just sitting in OF/HF.

I think if it were my plant, after a runoff test (suspect it will be fine–like 2,000 ppm or so) would go ahead and pot up and use a product like Mykos to aid in soil biome.

It also may be the plants are just highly sensitive to N.


Thank you kind sir @Myfriendis410. I’m going to give it a try and I’ll reply back with my runoff ph and ppm. :+1:

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Ok, @Myfriendis410. Or anyone else with some input. I did a flush on my two amnesia auto. I couldn’t find distilled water at my local store so I used spring water…hope it ok. It had ph of 7.3 and I used down to get it close to 7 as possible. But the spring water did have around 220ppm. I gave them each 1 gallon of water and got about half that in runoff. First timer here…so I hope I did it all right. But here’s my results
Plant#1 water in= 6.94ph 206 ppm
Runoff= 6.27ph 1180 ppm
Plant#2. Water in= 7.04 238 ppm
Runoff= 6.53 1100 ppm
As I said I am a rookie…but I am suspecting a few possibly issues here, but of course I would like the guidance of the pros in here. I didn’t flush the other amnesia I have or the 3 dreamberry. But if I’m correct in my suspicions…then I’m thinking they made need a flush too. Thanks again for all the tips. appreciate all the feedback.

Based on the runoff your soil is becoming depleted. That means you have a root issue: possible overwatering but could be root rot. You should plan on potting up and when you do look at roots: if rootbound you are okay but if roots aren’t present there is an issue.


If soil Is depleted, does that mean I need to start feeding nutes soon. The plant is 6 weeks old today, is it ok to repot at this stage? Does my soil ph runoff’s look ok? Say I start with 7.0 and my runoff is 6.5, does that mean the ph of my soil is 6.5? Or is it 6? As 6.5 would be the average of 7.0 water, and 6.0 soil? Did I ask that right? Lol. Thanks again. This is helping alot

Thanks for your help @Myfriendis410. Any further guidance would be much appreciated. I’m hoping some day I’ll be the one giving advice to the newbies, lol. But for now…I’m the newbie and I’m grateful for everyone in here that has given me advice. Love the forum, there’s a lot to learn here. Thanks again


Pure water won’t affect the native PH of the soil. If you read 6.5 that’s what it is.

I would pot up sooner rather than later and maybe water in with cal mag.

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@Myfriendis410. Ok ok…that makes sence. I’ve just been told before that your runoff ph is the average between your soils ph and the ph of water going in.

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So my ph in my soil,is good then? 6.5 is about the sweet spot isn’t it? Guess I’m going to try and pot up as you suggested. Guess I’ll go to a five gallon pot. I just thought the 3 gallon would get me thru harvest. I guess you are suggesting to pot up, cuz you suspect my roots are bound? Is that correct? Sorry to hammer you with all these questions. I just really don’t want to mess up my girls. Lol. Thanks bud👍

Thanks @registereduser. I just now seen your post. I flushed the, all yesterday And can already see improvements. My ppm runoffs were between 700 and 1100. But the water I put In had ppm of around 200. So to get the true ppm of my soil wouldn’t I subtract the 200? So my soil ppms would be between 500 and 900. Is that correct? If so…according to your 1000 ppm quote from above, then I should start feeding this week huh.?

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