Please help save my babies! 1st Autoflower

Ph 6.5 and looks like underwatering. Soak it with half gal to gal and wait till top 2 inches is dry b4 rewater usually 2 3 days but i been having drought so have had to water daily

All advice given is spot on. I read everything and one thing was not brought up that could also be part of these issues is you said no solo, straight into big pots with OF. At 30 days there is still so much nutes in the soil anything additional could also be contributing to the color. I use a mix of OF, Coco loco and frog and at each stage of growth if ur in the right sized pot, ur good for 4 to 6 weeks with whats in the soil. Looking forward to update pics. :grinning:

Hey y’all! @dbrn32 @Graysin @HMGRWN @OGIncognito @Fieldofdreams @Newt

Hope ya don’t mind me tagging all of you as y’all were super insightful! Took the advice and when the ladies woke up today I gave them solid spray watering until 15-20% runoff. 10 of the 12 look like they appreciated it but still worried about my two big girls most of this thread about… they both took most water with ~40oz but haven’t responded like the rest after 6hrs from watering.

Both ph in at 6.7, forgot to tds test🤦🏼‍♂️
WLSD ph out 6.6 tds 661
Pics 6hrs after and leaves pulled:

BB ph out 6.45 tds 746

Any additional insight would be appreciated! Was wondering if since these are tallest, even with lst if might be light strain/burn…but lights are 28-30” @65%…

Thanks again and I’ll post update once they start to dry


If that is anywhere near accurate, that plant needs a solid feeding. Recommended feeding to start when TDS is 1000 or below.


I agree, mature plants unfer 1000ppm for long is usually trouble.


For the gals who were suffering root damage, they will take longer to recover. As they dry out, they should begin to improve but they won’t bounce back as easily as the ones who were simply under-watered


I’m late to the game, but I agree.

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Thank you. So are these deficiencies rather than toxicity? I will wait until they dry then feed nutes with next watering if so…

Appreciate all the quick replies, y’all are awesome! Thank you!!


Thanks! These two are really the only ladies having any problems. So far…

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:laughing::laughing::laughing: this made me and the mrs giggle


@dbrn32 @HMGRWN @Graysin
Hey guys! Just wanted to thank y’all again for the guidance and give my update. Got on proper watering and feed schedule per suggestions and while I’m not completely out of the clear, the ladies are doing much better and on way to recovery. I think they need another feeding as runoff ppm was in high 700- low 800s

Rest of ladies seem to be doing well. Realized strains from other bank need little less nutrients as small signs of burn.

If you guys have any other guidance that could help me out I’d love to hear it as I’m open to it all!

Was wondering if I should scrog or just continue with lst…? Going to be raising and increasing light intensity slightly.

Also wondering if anyone has experience with those CO2 bags in tents? My buddy has couple extra he offered…

Thanks again, super appreciative of the support here!


Free is the right price for CO2. My understanding is that we produce more co2 for the plants by being in the tent and talking to them than the CO2 bags can provide. CO2 bags and other co2 generators are meant for tightly controlled environments with recirculating air. Tent environments are more like a constant air exchange, so the co2 leaves out your exhaust fan faster than your plants can really make the most of it.

If he’s offering just to have, it’s not a terrible idea. As far as benefit to the plants, it’ll probably be minimal.

If you have a trellis net, it might be the right time to get it in there to support those stalks before they’re too hefty to support themselves

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Yep, sounds like it.

That can also vary from seed to seed.

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Good info above. Most of your plants appear to be flowering so i think a little to late to run a scrog. If you wanted to install trellis for bud support is fine though. It may help with keeping some of the larger colas separated.

Far as anything else goes, I’m full of relatively useless information. I think you have pretty good handle on state of your plants, keep up the good work!