Please help!- Repot question

Hey guys. First time growing. Outdoor grow. Started in 5 gallons. Looking ok I think. I have no idea! I’ve listened to all the good advice I read online and see no bad signs. My question is this- I think these are transitioning to flower. I think this is the “stretch”. Can I repot this to a 15 gallon?

No sign of preflowers, sorry.

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be gentle, use fresh good soil…now would be a good time.
if your outdoor and in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter. flowering will start soon.

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You should be ok with the 5 gal, but, if you want to transplant, Be slow and careful. Will you continue outdoors til complete?

Yes. Gonna stay out door. Plan is to slice open current pot- it’s plastic, while inside new one. Slide out old. Add soil. Add nutrient. Add water. Hoping for a nice yield. THANKS FOR THE HELP!

I am in the northern hemisphere. Just wasn’t sure if it was too late and would screw up my flower. Thanks! This is a great help! I’ll share results.

You forgot to mention if you are growing regular seeds, feminized seeds or autoflower seeds. Plants don’t start flowering till daylight is only 12 hours long. What is your sunrise/sunset time? Is it at 12 hour period yet?

If it’s Autoflower, it will start to flower at about week 4-5.

Oh, and if you are cutting away the old pot while inside a new pot, make sure to cut the bottom off first, it’s impossible to slide it out without causing shock.

Honestly, if you have help I would just try turning it upside down with someone holding the top of it, and let it slide out. I have no success with cutting pots away like you described, it always ends up stressing the plant.

Welcome aboard! Iwould suggest soaking in water first, Use fabric pots, at least 7 gal, for outdoor and fox farm ocean forest soil. Well worth the small investment. Tons of natural nutrition in this soil so hold off at least a week before adding anything. Let them recover from the transplant shock. Dont worry, They will take off like they are on steroids.

Thank you! I see white pistols at bid sites. What should I look for? I’m sorry for my ignorance, but this has just become an obsession for me since being home. A fantastic obsession.


You may be able to see them; I couldn’t from those pictures, sorry.

Sorry. Regular seed. I’ve read outdoor begin veeeery slowly after summer solstice, unlike the indoor direct to 12/12. The 12/12 begins in the equinox here in September. So my flowering would begin then? Late September in the northern hemisphere? That would mean many outdoor plants in Maine could t harvest until after a frost. Again- sorry to ask so many questions. Really learning a lot from everyone kind enough to help

There is no need to damage that pot to get the plant out… place the plant on its side and gently roll the pot back and forth a few times. If there is root sticking out of the bottom and wrapping around the outside of the pot just clip it off it wont hurt anything.
Before you do all of this though get your bigger pot and place your potted plant in it to determine how much soil you will need below your plant to keep the soil an inch below the lip of the new pot. Put in soil and firmly press it in with the smaller pot. Place the smaller pot into the soil and pack the new soil around the smaller pot gently packing as you go. Retract the smaller pot and it should be an exact copy of it in the new soil. Now remove your plant from the smaller pot, sprinkle on some mycos if ya got it and gently place into pre made hole. Water only the new soil and presto yer dun, and your old pot is not chopped up.

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Will this be as stressful as some sites say? I’ve read it can be “of severe detriment to your yield”. Don’t want that. Also…THANK YOU

Harvest is typically in October for most cannabis plants. I am in Utah, and have the same equinox as you.

And if you see white pistols then you know you have a female plant. With regular seeds you have a 50% chance of getting a male.

Also what @Cannabian said. Having two people will make it easier.

If you do it carefully, its no issue, Ive done it loads of times. I would caution however, if you are preflower or already have flowers I would not recommend doing it, that could cause you serious setbacks or possible hermie action.
Once you get some talent at transplanting it is almost imperceptible to the plant when properly done. In fact, usually in a week my plants are booming in their new home. I wouldnt do it to a preflower plant though… bad juju

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depending on the timing and plant health, it could be even more detrimental to yield not transplanting!
Case in point here are some plants I started in the beginning of the year

I could have flowered them in thise pots but I wanted a bigger yield, so I transplanted them

This is a couple weeks after they were transplanted.
This is about a week ago. So in this case transplanting increased my yield over a hundred fold Id say?
Id like to say also, that timing is fairly important, and that the old saying that bigger root makes bigger plant is for the most part, totally true :+1:

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The bigger the root , the bigger the fruit
:grin: :sunglasses:

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