Please help... Problem with night/dark time humidity


I ended up ordering two more sets of extra poles. To help with hanging stuff and to put around the netting. As well as to help with the tent suck-in.

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I’m willing to bet males based on that description. I’ve had males be the last to show sex. Take a picture of the canopy area if you can, and we’ll do the best we can and help figure it out.

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Awesome… Will do… Plus… I can’t believe I am thinking this… But I hope the last two are males… Makes the decision much easier.

I will take a Pic next week of the canopy and @ you.

Thanks again.

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It doesn’t happen often, but there’s nothing wrong with getting seeds out of the deal either.

They dont have to show signs of sex, as long as you know theyre feminized you can flip whenever.

Gift them to someone

You’re going to have to wait until later to determine that based on the phenotype and your preference but if you want to start plotting now, Id take a look and see which ones are the healthiest, growing well and big. Whatever attracts your eyes more is an easier way to put it and the high you get when you pick larf to test later on

Im going to be doing the same soon when my plants get bigger, theyre still babies right now

These plants were grown from my “various strain bag” after a while I finally started separating the known strains into individual labeled bags…those are what I will use for my future grows.

Can’t wait… Here’s the list: (all bag seeds)

Jilli beans
Bruce banner
Better than your og
Original glue gg#1
Jack herer
Pineapple express
Skunk #1
Peyote critical
Trap star
Wedding cake
Columbian gold
Green crack

I really want to buy Feminized girl scout cookies… My favorite.

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What is Larf?

Also none of my seeds are Feminized… All bag seeds.

Unfortunately no one to gift to.

Small popcorn sized bud that you get at the bottom of your branches. They usually dont get a lot of light. You use them to test out the high and what not. A quick dry in the microwave should be fine. Dont focus too much on the taste but more so on the high

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It was one of the first strains I’ve grown. I’m growing some seeds I had from it right now. I can only hope
that the phenotype I get will be really close to the original plant. I may be able to back cross from Animal cookies strain I have. Pretty excited.

Good luck… I haven’t had a chance to try Animal cookies yet. Had one chance but someone bought all of it before I could get there. I am very excited to finally harvest… It has been since end of July since I have puffed. Beginning of August I was screwed by the person on two Z’s of jilli beans… It was extremely immature… Not sticky at all, no tricomes, no smell, airy crap that literally burned my mouth to try and smoke. After dumping it all… That loss of $560 is what pushed me to trying my luck at growing for myself once again.

So far having excellent results. Again can’t wait to harvest… Two more months… Then a good cure and hopefully I will get truly baked. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might have been me. I stalked their page a bought them as soon as they came in stock. They grow well though. Vanilla and cinnamon terpenes. Crazy.

Sorry I meant… In the hour and a half to get to the dealers house they sold all of it… Another 1.5 hours drive home very disappointed. I wish it were legal here. Dealers suck some times. Now I have to get my hands on some… Thanks.

Gotcha. That’s a little different. You can purchase the animal cookies seeds… they’re out there.

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@ash93 @Covertgrower @Jackie_Daytona

Now up to 8 females… Darn.

I ended up buying the vivosun second 4" exhaust and the 100cfm inline fan.

Today I installed the second exhaust and have it set up with my humidity controller along with the dehumidifier side of it and the inline fan to one of my two 4" intakes. After some adjustments things seem much better so far… Last night the humidity got to 81RH… So I will see tomorrow morning how things are.

Also bought a digital light timer… The old analog timer was a pain and never really knew when exactly the lights were set to start or go out… Digital is very nice.

Fingers crossed the last plant is a male… But just can’t tell yet. I think I knows doom is coming and holding its sex back from a reveal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



@Jackie_Daytona @Covertgrower @ash93

Everything with temps and humidity are now under control.

Thank you all for your help! You are awesome!


Looks great my friend! How do you like the Inkbird controllers?

The ink bird is working great. I wish the humidity sensor wire was longer…it works best to have the sensor close to the plant tops for accuracy. It controls both a humidifier and dehumidifier… And I have had no issues with my setup… Which is…

I have the humidifier in one side and on the other an extension cord splitting the other side for both the dehumidifier and a second exhaust system.

I like that you can set both sides to tenths of a percentage as to when you want each side to go on.

Whereas my bdlink for my main heat exhaust system has a preset +/- of 2 or 3 degrees F. It would be nicer to have control over that like the ink bird. The others are Vivosun temp controllers and are basically the same as the bdlink but no +/-. In the future I will be buying ink bird controllers.

Definitely would recommend it.

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Sounds like a good investment. Im using an AC Infinity T6 and it has a smart controller so I’ll see if it makes sense to get the inkbird. Wont hurt. Thanks for your response

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