Please help... Problem with night/dark time humidity

thats a tough one. I just bought some chepo shower curtain rods of amazon. they work ok. I need another set for my 4x4 tent though. this reminds me. thank you.

How high should my net be… I set, as of now but may change, at the height of my tallest topped plant… Just starting 12/12 tomorrow 7am to 7pm. Will they grow more… Hence I need to raise it? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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lets get some of the pros in here. I didnt net mine until late and it was a mistake. @Zee @ash93 @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 When should @Fiefie920 get that net on the plants?

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@Jackie_Daytona Thanks for the tag. @Fiefie920 Id put your net once you flip as they will double in size. The net can be used for multiple reasons. You want to place the net over your plants and even it out by stretching out the main branches outwards as they grow to fill your tent. If your canopy is uneven you want to tuck any tall branches below the net to even everything out. I personally would wait a week to get them a little bigger then flip. I hope this helps


@ash93 Thank you for the advice… One more question… If I hold off on the flip… Should I continue on my fox farm soil schedule of week 5…the start of flower nutrition or should I delay that as well and repeat week 4 nutrition?

Keep repeating week 4 until you flip then you start week 5 which is when your flower schedule starts, I believe, if its FF


Are you exhausting into a box inside that room?

Ordered the same exhaust system as my original for my secondary exhaust… Thank you for the tips.

Even with the two lower intake and the temporary upoer intake(which us where the new exhaust will go) still significant suck-in… Glad I had that extra bar… It solved the fan clicking problems.

No just exhausting into the room… It is an unheated basement with a large dehumidifier running on auto at 55rh.

In northern state very conservative area so venting to outside is iffy.

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Makes sense! The carbon filter will help if you get a good one but I understand the risk that you would be taking. Either way we’re all here to help you and if you need anything from me just @ me. Happy growing dude, you’re killing it

Thank you! I truly appreciate the help!

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Vivosun tent here too.

Ordered extra poles to stretch the scrog net and they also support the sides very well

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@29sgordo29 I have a vivosun tent too. Do these bars hang well or do they slip and fall and you have to zip tie them?

the ones holding the screen are zip tied to set the height. I have no problem with the ones hanging overhead

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Nice setup… So far vivosun has proven to be great quality.

I had ordered the extra pole set for the 4x4…it sucks they are $20 US for two but needed them for extra hanging support for the lights and exhaust.

I may order 2 more sets of 2.

I had to gorilla duct tape it in place… They are very sturdy.

@29sgordo29 Yup I was referring to the ones holding the screen. I thought to myself theres no way theyre in place and must be tied haha. Thanks for your response


No problem

I would put the screen over the top 1/2 of the canopy area, that should give it good support. Unless you’re scrogging. Then the goal is to keep the canopy below the net. At least in veg.


Thank you for the advice… After hearing from @ash93 I am going to stay in veg for another week to let my shorter plants a chance to get taller… Also… I still have two plants that are taking forever to sex in pre-flower… So hopefully those will show by next week.

I will eventually have to get two or three out for extra room. That is going to be a hard decision to make as I have no other choice but to destroy those I take out.

Any tips on how to choose which if they are all females? The last two are amongst my tallest but lagging in pre-flower for some reason.

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