Please help plants are sick

I’m in week 5-6 of flower on 2 blue dream and q blue haze plant im using FFOF as soil and feeding nutrients every other feeding but still this is showing up on mu plant and I dont know what it means please help

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@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74


Maybe a bit of over feeding or cal mag def what’s ur pH and ppm reading

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Looks like a tossup. Between slight N burn and a minor P or K deficiency. Lemme go look

Calmag too good eye


Ph always between 6 and 6.5 ppm is like 650-700

thanks for the help im here freaking out bout my plants

What supplements are u using?

How often?

Every check runoff?


I’m using FFOF trio bottle nutes

and feed every other feeding bout once a week and the other feeding ph water also once a week

Gun to my head?

Too much N not enough mag.

But ull wanna see runoff numbers as well. Could be lockout. Leaf coloring all recent?

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Yes its recent like 3 days ago n I fed today and its still a runoff just didn’t read it today i haven’t add cal mag in a week or 2 so it might be not enough

Yup. Id add that. And possibly tape back on the grow big a tad.

Nexttime u get runoff. Check ppm and ph of it. Maybe coming out a bit stronger or lower then in


Purps got the fire out here. Nice job.


Yup, would like to see this too


Update I think things got worse @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74

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I tested the runoff with a ppm of 556 and a ph of 6.35

Well :poop: on a stick. Wasnt N burn at all…

Ppms that low but fake burned tips? You my friend have a K deficiency. Thats why we asked for runoff. In flower, plants PK usage increases. So normally nutrient line schedules account for this by lowering N input and increasing the amount of PK you feed.

On labels like 5-1-1 its 5 N, 1 P, and 1 K, thats my vegging emulsion. In flower u use more of a 0-15-15 (bloom emul) heavy mixture. I always use both. Just adjust the ratios.

What additives do you have? And what amounts are you mixing em up?

Well i use the FFOF trio liquid nutrients and i mix half gallon up so i use half of the recommended amount in the bottle

Right now since I’m in flower I am not using the grow big bottle