Please help...Nutrient burn or deficiency?


Ph’d plain water and cal mag last night
6.0 going in / 6.9 on runoff ( seems high no?)
Ppm’s in 337 / Ppm’s on run off 2125
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Strain; Purple Punch~5wks old
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Fabric 5g pots~ Happy Frog soil
System type? Indoor tent 5x5x7
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.0ph in 6.9 run off
Ppm’s in…337 Ppm’s out 2125
What is strength of nutrient mix?Using big bloom at 1/4 strength going in 337ppm / runoff ppm 2125
Indoor or Outdoor ~Indoor
Light system, size? 1 Rocket plasma and 2 galaxy hydros 300w
Temps; Day, Night
Humidity; Day, Night? ~40- 45
Ventilation system; Yes 2 exhaust fans 160 cfn’s
AC? ~ yes!

Looks like a bit of nute burn. Your TDS is kind of high for soil but not very. Have you had high temps or low humidity or both lately?

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No hi temps. humidity stays between 40 to 55%

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Brown spots show calcium deficiency
The light green stripes along the leaf veins show magnesium deficiency
Looks like you fed them some cal Mag so that’s a good thing.
I’m not seeing any real nutrient burn. A tad but not much.
I would continue feeding with some cal mag as it will take time for things to be corrected.


Kind of papery though. Likely you are correct and a dose of cal mag will help.

rite on thanx for the help. I was going to put them into flower in 2 days…
good idea or should I wait?

Your pH is a bit high.
Ppms/tds are high because it’s fox farms soil. Eventually that’ll drop off. I suggest no more nutes. Just water and some cal mag.

What type of water?

Have you done a soil slurry test. Just to test the accuracy of the runoff pH?

I just use tap water. always ph it to 6.0 still runoff is 6.9
`Never done a slurry test. should i?

A slurry test will give a more accurate measurement of your soil’s ph.

Typically fox farms are right around pH 6.5 for the first month or so, BUT I have had some much lower. So it’s possible they could be higher too.

What are you using to measure the pH?

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I am using a ph meter to test water going in and also coming out


I did the same thing don’t panic, I’m a newbie on my first grow so take it if you want but I noticed my leaf tips on two of my smaller plants and I grabbed some pH water and flushed them and the girls are fine now

what size pots do you have and how much water did you use?
Curious cuz I have never done a flush before. Been debating to flush or not to flush.
Was going to put them into flower tomorrow
This is my 3rd attempt at growing
Thanks for the input!

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I’m growing WW autos I putem straight in 5g smart pots, rumor is autos don’t take well to being transplanted or at least for a rookie like me but yeah I split a gallon between 4 plants and honestly I don’t know if that was the right thing to do or not but I did it and all is well so far lol

Yeah if your going to flush them do as @PurpNGold74 said, don’t flood them like I said I’m here learning with you you can learn from my mistakes before you make them lol

Yup. At 6.9 ur gonna lockout well needed nutes. Looks like calmag. And N is available at the higher end of the ph range we shoot for (thus the burnt tips @Myfriendis410 spotted) id run 6.0-6.3 water thru ur soil til pH is more in the 6.6-6.7 area

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