Please help not too sure if she will come back

I have had some wicked heat out my way like 42+•c the other day I noticed all the new growth going a jaundice yellowing green colour i had left them out in the direct sun a little too long is and a lot of my leaves got burnt I was just wondering if it looks like a neut problem or is it just the damage from the sun still coming through the photos show the little plant is the green it was not sure what I should do

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Looks good to me.

My cure all move is to pot up in size. As you are outdoor size seems to not be a problem. I would transplant to 20 gallon pot.


think the lighter color you are seeing and concerned about is NEW GROWTH.
notice the lighter color you are concerned with is only at the growing tips.
a larger container wouldn’t hurt, especially if you plan to keep growing for at least two more months.
might also need support if the winds are an issue.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the middle of winter. You should have maybe 3 months of full sun before the season changes.

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Thank you for the help boys this is the aftermath… she got cooked in the sun but she’s bouncing back goons pot up and get some nice new soil for them all other than that the 3 baby’s are looking mint :ok_hand: