Please help not sure what to do

Not sure if these are ready.
Plant is 5 foot tall. Lost of white pistals. All my other plant where harvested last week. Not sure if thos one is ready. Planted Bruce Banner auto 5/16/22.
Do the white hairs need to turn brown? Tricombs some are cloudy a few are brown.


Beautiful plant bro. :christmas_tree::muscle::100: the only way I know how to explain it is how do you like your Buzz laid back energetic it’s all up to you the more Amber the more laid back all cloudy best THC CBD levels you’re going to get​:muscle::100:

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Pistils do not need to turn amber for the plant to be ready to harvest. Trichome evaluation trumps everything.

That said, be sure you’re only evaluating the trichs on the buds, not the sugar leaves. Sugar leaf trichomes mature much faster than bud trichomes. With that many fresh pistils, I wonder if she’s just got some genetic foxtailing. Is she only super hairy toward her top?


That doesn’t look like foxtailing looks like she still has weeks to go but has some deficiencies that are causing some issues. I dont even start checking trichomes until nearly all the pistils have turned brown and receded back into the calyx’s. They dont necessarily have to turn brown but your plant is still putting out new pistils. New pistils grow out of new calyx’s. Shes still fattening up or trying to.

That would be my assumption as well :love_you_gesture:


That is what I was wondering, the fox tailing

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When did she go into flower if planted 5/16 ?

She is hairy all over. The top cola looks like might be fox tailing. The strucure of the bud is different fom the others. What should I do abot it?

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Decide based on trichomes if she’s ready for harvest. If she isn’t for your personal liking, reduce the light intensity while she finishes. I like to cut the power down from 100% to 75% or so when it’s finishing time.

Based on the pics I’d guess she’s got another week or so before she’d be where I like em personally (all cloudy, a touch of amber creeping in) but the foxtails make it hard to fairly assess, since many will see the fresh pistils and the trichomes around those foxtails - which are most often clear - and consider her not fully mature yet.


My kinda gal :rofl:


Somehow even with my 350R down on 6/9 at 22" I started getting some foxtails. I don’t know if this is a one off or how it always works, but I started dry Koolbloom a week ago and in with 4 or 5 days almost all of the new pistils turned brown and the foxtailing stopped. It’s like the dry KB said hey ladies, stop what you’re doing and finish up. Anyone else ever had this happen?