Please help, no idea what’s going on with my plants

Please help!!! My plants are looking weird, there leaves are growing thin and brown pistals is coming from there. Recently my plants were infested with aphids and gnats. I spray it with a natural solution made of dr. Bronners soap. I sprayed my plants once and it was growing fine, the 2nd time I sprayed it I’m not sure if the plant got burn or not. Also my plants are on 12/12 starting flower mode. Don’t think it’s flowering yet Please look st pictures and please see what’s the problem

image image image

Looks like bugs to me. Check under the leaves and in the dark. They are hard to find sometimes.

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Other than that they look pretty healthy. Can we get a whole plant pic? Also, what type of bugs were you spraying for?

Aphids and saw some gnats . I looked at the plants, haven’t seen any bugs. The plant looks fine as a whole but when you start looking closer, you see how thin the leaves are growing out with brown looking pistals (looks like the veins of the leaves )

It might help to post pictures with normal lighting. The blurple color hides any detail of the plants.

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@Newgrowgirl…new leaves are the most tender and susceptible to damage.

Your plants were sprayed with something that burned the new growth sections.
Notice the older mature leaves look normal. Suggest you “top” the burned growth sections and then it will grow more.

Keep us updated on your grow.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Spinosad or BtK spray along with hydrogen peroxide would be a better choice than what you are using.