Please help, newbie with sick first green baby?

Please help

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Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use

Strain; Type, Bag seed,

Soil in pots, Coco organic

System type? Grow tent

PH 6.3 in today, usually 6.5
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 7.5

What is strength of nutrient mix? or TDS usually 250-300, today just ph water


Light system, 400w HPS

Temps; Day, 25-27c
night 15-20c

Humidity; Day, Night 40%

Ventilation system; Yes, ducted out of tent & room

I’ve not given nutes often to be honest, for awhile my ph pen wasn’t calibrated right too.

Flipped to flowering 10/02

My plants fan leaves have been going yellow from bottom going up the plant

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You’re running the wrong pH for Coco @Spots

The pH needs to be 5.8 for soiless growing mediums!

I’d also recommend you follow the feeding chart for your nutrients. They should be getting nutrients at least once a week, every week!



Maybe I got that wrong
This is the medium I transplanted her into 6+ weeks back

I transplanted because I had started in a slow release fertiliser that wasn’t meant for cannabis, worked ok for early vege I thought.

The bloom nutes I have don’t have a chart, it’s just bat guano stuff the grow shop sold me.

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Can you post the ingredients from the bag? Coco is organic too. @Spots

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Thanks @bob31

This is best I can do for medium ingredients, the website on bag doesn’t open, the bag doesn’t state ingredients, so that’s a screenshot from site I bought it off.

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It is organic, but it is peat based and not a soil. It does have dolomite lime to adjust the pH.

So here is what you do. pH a cup of water to 6.5 and add a Tbsp of that soil. Let it sit 10 minutes and check the pH. Let me know the results after you do it @Spots

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Another thing that soil mix is treated with neem oil. I imagine it will be worn off by flowering but neem o can affect the flavor of mj. I think it will be fine but I wouldn’t recommend transplanting into that mix.

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Feed me they are telling you ppm is super low for flower this is a starving plant little more


@Donaldj nailed it lol