Please help.. new to LED

I’ve recently switched to growers choice e680 and I can’t figure out whats going on.
This is what they looked like under the mh250

And now this is them after 12 hours under led

Anyone have experience with growers choice? Particularly e680’s and switching them over from metal halide… thank you in advance for any help offered

How far from the canopy is your fixture? They look like they have low turgidity; are they in need of water?

Regardless, I wouldn’t worry unless this continues for more than 7 days. Plants do take time to adjust if you shift light spectrums.


About 18" from the canopy… canopy temp fluctuating a bit but averaging 75 no higher than 78. Fed them last night and they still look about the same today. No nute burn or any other signs of lock out or deficiency that I can tell. I’m hoping its just stressed from switching lights

That is a lot of light, compared to the HPS 250! With LED it is the intensity that usually creates issues, not heat. Turn it down or raise it up? Website says 8" from canopy, and you are at 18! They should bounce back.


Yeah you basically just swapped out a 250w hid for a 1000w hid. Even at 24”, that 680 is giving the plants over 800ppfd. I can’t find the map for 18” but bet it’s close to 1000ppfd.


So would you recommend raising the light or just giving it time to settle?

Just jumping in here…I would just let them get accustomed to the new light levels.
Remember, they will need more water and nutrients at the higher light levels.
I run ppfd at 900 - 1000+ on my plants from about week 4 through to harvest without issues.


Thank you! I will just let them get accustom. I appreciate everyone’s help thank you

It’s up to you. At 800ppfd for 12hrs you’re hitting close to 35dli which is where you should be in flower. At 1000ppfd you’re hitting 45dli and where you’re approaching levels that will need co2 supplement.


Ok so raising the lights are prob my best option. I won’t be able to add co2 until the first of the year.

Either option will work. Merlin has no issues with those levels. The problem, I believe, you’re running into is you basically quadrupled your light output overnight, lol


Exactly! When I first go from the 300 - 400 level to the normal level, my plants pout a little bit for a day or two. LOL

It is worth noting that even at a ppfd of 1000, we are only about one half of what noon time sun gives us in July.


Perfect ill raise a bit and lower as the mellow out. Thanks again!

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Much better!


Your plants look excellent! Nice work, keep it up and you will be rewarded with some super nice buds.