Please help my brother with his clones


here are some of his latest

hope you like them ,more to come when my brother sends them
@Lenny77 @kabongster @Zombo @DoomSack @Caosred @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


newest pictures from my brother

i think he’s pulled it back nicely and is getting some fat looking cola’s
@Lenny77 @Majiktoker @Willd @cyberblast @Tylan


Ooh, looking good.


They are aren’t they, he’s pretty pleased with how they are coming along and thanks


Very nice my friend!


I wish he’d asked when he still had the 4 plants but we were able to save the 3 and they are doing well


they look a helluvalot better.


Thanks my friend, he’s doing really well


:ok_hand:very nice @daz look dank dont forget to send this way hahahahaha :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol he’s up north buddy,he’s done more growing than i have ,have you seen my grows ?


here’s the latest from my bro

he’s getting some fat one’s

and he’s good at the clones to

i hope you enjoy them


nice bruv i hope mines cum out that good all i got is one mess up wid seeds and that it so lets see if i can get 2nd time around hey bless @daz49


He’s doing really well, I’m really pleased with how he’s pulled them back


here are his latest

hope you like them,the scrog looks like it’s working

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Holy s…! Amazing!


Yeah I think my brother is going to be glad I got him back into it, he’s done way more growing than me


Lovely looking plants Darren!


Thanks bro ,it’s all my brother now he’s just getting me to update the thread till the end,but only because I said people would want to see till the end,dont you agree @Myfriendis410 that other people would wanna see

@Tylan @DoomSack @SmoknGranny @kabongster @cyberblast


Yeah @daz49 you can’t leave is hanging :yum:


Absolutely :+1: