Please help my autoflower

Having a problem with my autoflower. They will germinate but they will not sprout when put in soil.
Using mixture of happy frog and ocean forest.

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Ffof can be too hot for seedlings. i dont introduce FF soil until the spouts 2 weeks old. id recommend using a seed starter soil to start your germinated seeds. i use 50/50 “ layered” happy frog and ocean forest.

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I’m use 50/50 happy frog/ocean forest

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I agree with. @DoomSack Start your germinated Sprouts in seed starter soil. Then transplant after You get a healthy seedling to your Fox Farm.


i read mixture and assumed you took 1 part happy frog and 1 part ocean forest and mixed it into a container. if you mix the two your placing pockets of hot nutrients from top to bottom in the container like a minefield that will kill that tap if enough water present to set it off.

Starting with a seed starter mix with little to no fertilizer will help buffer the seedling when you transplant it to a layered FF.

i layered with the logic that after two weeks the seedling is far along enough to actually need nutritional value from the soil. i read that FF HF contains nutritious essentials for the Vegetation stage, mostly Nitrogen.

with that same logic, OF is at the bottom half of a 3-5 gallon container which will help with late veg and flower.

So essentially as the seedling is expanding its roots downward it absorbs what it needs. its not perfect but it can work and did for me.

I was successful with 4 autos this winter even with 3 cheap leds. I didn’t ph my water nor add any other nutrients. i did it that way so i could get a baseline for future grows with this new medium (ff hf & ff of).