Please help me with plant problems


I am having some difficulties with one of my plants. She’s curling up and changing colors. Not exactly sure what to do since I’m new. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Opinions on aquaponics
Aquaponics - Growing in Fish Tanks


your ph should be around 6.0.


Poor thing look like she needs some nutes. Wrong ph could starve her also.


What exactly have you done so far? A bit more info on your setup and additives would greatly help with the diagnosis.


@Dumme welcome I will take it easy on you always nice to have new blood and ideas


It’s been three days I expected by now would be an update but am trying to merge this topic with another as we have been going on appearance this subject is in several threads always fun to track the right one down


This little guy smacks of Iron excess, but it’s hard to tell without knowing what you’re using.


he had another thread going as well and was looking for organic way to adjust ph I’m all over the place at times so remembering topic can be fun at times I see @pigSquishy is about trying to track down start of this thread very common for people if they don’t get answer fast to start new thread to bump


Thing to keep in mind this is a forum so no paid attendants simply people with life besides trying to reply when they get a chance lmao


@Donaldj, I hope he didn’t use citric acid… :confused:


I suggested going to pet store to get proper chemicals since I have used fish tank ph up and dwn more than once


Iron access is possible if hydroton is poorly rinsed he was also using worms so had done homework had experience growing lettuce with aquaponics but slightly different needs for cannabis


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No advice to give but I was curious, for those of you with aquaponics experience, is the taste and potency for cannabis grown through aquaponic methods vastly different?


My opinion is it would be very much the same as any other organic grown bud @Dumme would be best to answer this as he currently uses the system like anything I think would be a matter of preference my boss loves my Jack Herer which is far less potent than my Purple Kush I grow both in same system flush same time but some people just like old school weed :wink:


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The reason why I mentioned iron is that it’s most definitely not found in any fish food, and must be added; normally in chelated form. It’s also very easy to overdose for a beginner. A little goes a very long way. Target levels are between 2-3ppm’s total.

pH works a little different in Aquaponics. Although, fish can be acclimated to lower pH, 6.0 is a little too low. Target pH should float between 6.4-7.1 (with respect to fish type).
The nitrification process of the ammonia will continously lower the pH in mature systems.


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@pigSquishy, Simple answer, possibly, and possibly not. @Fishgrown’s plant is still a seedling and any nutrients are going to effect it greatly. I’m surprised it’s reacting this way in the first place. New clones and seedlings need very little nutrients.

I’d sooner say it’s a toxicity or a complete pH lockout problem, but it’s speculation without more info.