Please help me with my plant i dont know why my leafes are turning yellow

U need to download the free grow bible an plant care book on in the plant care I was reading that a nitrogen definicee the leaves will start to turn yellow from the bottom up an curl down an start to be brittle an fall off an it says u need a micro mix that’s of a 3 part bas nuitunt so micro,grow,bloom all mixed together at half strength should help u with this if it’s a nitrogen problem it looks as if that’s what it is but I could be wrong.I’ve got some problems of my own but not this intense yet

More info needed. That could be too much light, too much water, PH could be off, etc

I agree with Lyia.
, I believe it’s to much water. Back off your watering say once every other day and then only half of what you were giving them and cut that yellow leaf Fairmount come back.


You can’t give a a plant to much light until it’s out of vegetative and into start of flowering my vegitative plants are in constant 24 hour a of light and they are all monsters

@Majiktoker, I think she means too intense of light for a small plant. Not duration of light.

@Virus0321, we do need to know more info about what you are doing to your plant. Especially what you are feeding it, the nutrient concentration in your reservoir, an EC or PPM number would be good, as well as the pH in your reservoir, as well as any other parameters in your grow, many of these questions are covered in the “support ticket”, check it out here and try and fill out as many of the questions as possible:

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Is a hydroponic system ph 5.8. I think is cus i try to put it in a pot with soil as soon as i did it started turning yellow but 4 hrs after i put it back in the hydro system now i dont know what to do to get green leafes back. Also is a white widow plant

Plants have a hard time going from soil to hydro. Going from hydro to soil is no problem, but the other-way around and often you have a lot of root mass damaged, or they can even die when trying to remove as much soil from the root ball as possible, as any soil remaining could potentially hold too much water and drown the roots. The roots need to be more open to the air above the reservoirs water level as well as being free and having enough circulation in the water itself as to make sure all parts of the roots have access to oxygen.

This probably has a lot do do with why many people thought maybe you were over-watering your plant. It does look like it has peat or coco in the net pot with it, this is probably staying too wet and could contribute to an over-watering like problem, even in a hydro set-up with plenty of aeration.

If the roots were damaged, it will take time for them to recover and you just have to wait patiently.

Leaves that are too damaged will not come back, they may not become green again. However, new growth will look green and healthy as a sign you are on the road to recovery.

Other than this, listing the answers to those support ticket questions, and maybe we could have more insight into what might be going on…

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Macgyverstoner woyld be your best bet to ask about that

Just my opiniin it would probably be 6.0-6.3 get a second opinion

Hydro, especially DWC, the ideal pH is 5.8


What is wrong with my root

There is nothing wrong with the stem. Except that maybe that area is staying a little too wet because of the peat or coco you have in that net pot. But even without being a little too wet, many plants will do this and seem to want to make more roots above the soil, it could be genetics, it could be the types of nutrients you are using or something else. I usually see this when someone has used a lot of rooting hormone on the plant. In a DWC like this, this alone is usually nothing to worry about, as long as the other things mentioned above are taken care of.


Ok thanks a lot. And im using grow booster 3.5ml per galon is that good or bad?

You mean from our marijuana booster line?

Yes i bought the seeds and the booster from ya website

Check out this link here:

It has links to details about the booster schedule and various info on using the booster.


Hey 1 question my roots have spread inside the water tank of my hydro system do i need to change it to a bigger rockwool?

Is it ok to leave it there until flower process?

It is normal for the roots to grow into the reservoir in a deep water culture (DWC) type hydroponics system, which is what you appear to have. However it is not OK to let light get into the reservoir.

Your roots do look a bit brown and not very fresh or white. This could be from not having enough dissolved oxygen (usually from the water temperatures being too high) in the water and it could also be from the light getting to the roots.