Please help me with harvest timing

I have two bio deisel plants that will be in week 9 of flowering 8/31/20. How much longer should i let them flower?

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I highly recommend reading those, but I do t like much amber, as long as I see milky, or white, I’m good.

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Looks good enough to me.

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I figured to harvest on monday at 9 weeks what do you think?

I would rely on the what the breeder says for average time. Every plant makes it’s own schedule, which means they could go longer or shorter.

is this close? Sorry crappy picture but best I could get. Its just a seed nothing special not sure on the grow time. Next year will be different but this is today

I still see white pistils. But the trichomes I can see look good.

Thank you. I thought the tricomes looked good too.

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I wish I could know if it was 9 weeks old or 9 weeks into flowering. The former is way to soon and later could be just a bit to long but definitely ready to do the job. 9 week old plant with mature trics? :thinking: nah.

12+ weeks no flash

Next is with loop with and without light. Its tricky, one way it looks ready with frosty domes the other it isn’t. With my eyes, weld flashed and all :smile: I can see too many clear immature trics to pull this now Its ripe-ish and would be great smoke I think, but wouldn’t be the best it could be. I pulled its milky frosty brood sister yesterday because its trics were mostly milky for the head high it delivers.

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