Please help me with a lighting height question

The girls are In between week 6 and 7 of flower.9 week strain. Everything seems to be good but I’m not 100 on where the Led 2000 DC should be at for this time frame. I’ve had it at about 17" the entire time. I raised it up two days ago to about 22" to possibly get better coverage but IDK. Help please!!
Thank you!

Did you read the manufacturer’s instructions every light is a little different. As a guess I would say that you are safe at 16"

Even at this stage??

Especially at this time, average is 30-40" seedlings 25-30" veg 12-24 flower but again all lights are different

I got incredibly lucky then. Lol

I meant to put this one on there it has a better explanation on lights

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What does the plant look like? That’s a very close pic of what looks to be a young bud

I don’t have any other light in here and no flash on this tablet.

What light is this and is I just one light

Bestva 2000 dual chip and yes just one

I found your light on Amazon and it says 12 - 18" during flower here’s the link

And make sure you have both switches on

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it

Yes sir/ma’am your welcome. Good luck your plants are lookin healthy keep em up :+1::evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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