Please help me understand


A question from a fellow grower:

600w mh. 18hr 6 dark. Dont pay attention to rh meter does’nt work. Temp. Meter work. I dont see any pest. Please help me understand.
Thanks for all your support.


I don’t know what you’re asking??

In the fourth picture, it could be the lighting but are you talking about bluish powdery stuff on your leaves? Are you talking about the little holes in a few of the leaves? (possible thrip damage?)

I may be involved with the Paranormal but I’m not a mind reader, they have grow tickets here which you fill out and then everybody gets the info and then a whole bunch of people can likely help you! :slight_smile:
-good luck


Thanks for take a look. I was talking about the little holes. What you think could be the problem. I dont see any pest in the plant. Thanks.


Maybe thrips? I’ve never had an issue with them but other people have I’m sure somebody will know…


Do you have a cat or any pets?



Yes. A cat


Cats have been known to bite on cannabis leaves. The holes may be puncture marks where your cat tasted and bit down but did not actually eat the leaf. Just a thought.



Make sense to me. Thank for the advise. But you think the plant can get damage. Or can f*** the flower or the growing.