Please help me setup my indoor grow room


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have seeds. Bought from you. I’d love to GROW my own indoors yet have really no clue as to what to do. I’ve seen your advertisements regarding grow rooms and things needed yet am unsure as to which to buy. I understand lighting is essential, can’t go cheap there. Pinching to broaden the Bush, not sure.

Would you assign someone to walk through and the processstep by step with me? What to buy, all needed, how to grow, cultivate.

I appreciate as I have at least a hundred of your seeds to plant. I’m older so have no real connections yo.bring in help.


Please join and say hello! There are tons of great people here that help you get everything you need. Also very knowledgeable and friendly mentors that will walk you through every step of your grow.


Welcome to Ilgm.
When you able to sign up , and respond we can get you squared away. As a new member ( if you so choose) you’ll have a limited amount of responses . Don’t sweat it, just use those hours to search the forums, guides , , and the grow journals.
Also download the grow bible, and that will give you a heads start.
To tag someone around here we use the @ symbol in front of the members name.
Like so… @nug-bug. :arrow_left: is me
So when your able to come on and let’s get this dream on the road to a reality


First off let me welcome you and also let me suggest This
Why don’t you join the forum and introduce yourself by starting your own thread
You can use the title
First grow need advice or something similar
I think you’ll be super surprised at the response you’ll get from the community of knowledgeable growers
We have as members
We dont assign any one to you but we will all help you get set up and threw a first grow
From build out to harvest
Tag me if you decide to join by putting the @ symbol in front of my user name
Good luck best wishes , CB :v:


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Am a new grower and all theses guys and girls have been amazing and everyone is so friendly and there is always someone on had for help and support 24/7 365 days of the year i love it and have met so many great new people i call them all my extented family and to have so many talented and knowledgeable people on hand for support and advice its like having your own personal gardener on hand the knows everything plus you will learn that there is more than one way to do this and growing can bring you a great bit of satisfaction. Hope to hear than you have joined us and look forward to seeing your grows.