Please help me out in desperate need

Does anyone have seeds I need a few money isn’t a problem

I have to ask, if money isn’t a problem why not just order some. Honestly you can’t exchange personal info on forum. I know that some members have been able to make contact when they know they are in the same area. Also going back to the money issue you can join the paid side of forum and be able to pm other members and exchange personal info. Hopefully this helps.


Kind of a poser thing to say. “Dude, I wanna skateboard, which one should I buy?” Just pick one an try for yourself like everyone else, poser. Not to mention your SN is the brand name of the most googled soil for growing weed. You should grow for you, and not for people to think you cool.

I would rather help someone out that can use the money for there build or new setup or thereby bills if u know what I mean rather then a million dollar company company but ima just get them online so I don’t sound like a poser and make a copany more richer then help someone hopefully one day get to the company level growing up I didn’t always have it and I know the struggle and I know any money is better then no money any day but thanks tho I really appreciate u brother ur info is always good and knowledgeable


I’m fine with that

I can understand that point of view. When anyone is online especially on a forum like this people have to make a leap of faith that any individual is being honest about anything they are saying. Having said that,
the idea of trying to help someone isn’t a terrible thing. Especially with what is currently happening. But I sense that you and I may have different views on things. When I look at any seed company I just don’t see a huge company. Whether it’s ILGM or any other reputable company. I see a entity that employs lots of people. I see that each purchase I make as not only a reward to owners of a company for having the drive to take their abilities and knowledge and create something that didn’t exist before. But also supporting all the individuals that work for the company. I’m fairly new to growing and I actually have a account on the paid side. Haven’t spent a lot of time on there, but I have seen that there are people there that may be exactly what you’re looking for. People who have spent a lot of time and money growing, breeding and even possibly trying to do exactly what you’re looking for,starting up their own business. I will say this many of the people on the paid side are also on this side helping people like me be able to accomplish something that probably would have taken me years to do on my own. :v::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I agree I’m sorry if this post attended anyone I just lookin to help someone who is helping me and pay it forward

Also I don’t really know how to use the internet im not up to this new school stuff how do I get to the paid side of this website

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Honestly didn’t offend me. I welcome debate and people’s opinion and thoughts on nearly all subjects. Hopefully we all can learn and appreciate different points of view. Also the person that posted was way off base in his criticisms. I hadn’t recognized his screen name so I took a look at profile and he had only joined forum 12 hrs before this exchange. I suspect that he’ll quickly learn that his style of dealing with someone he disagrees with isn’t tolerated on this forum. That is the main reason that this is one of the best cannabis forums that I’ve been on. I’ll post a link to what I believe is where you can join paid side. Like I said before, many of the people on that side helps new growers on this side. One other thing as far as joining Bergman’s Lab, it’s essentially a coarse that has study modules to learn more about growing. Which also has forum similar to free forum but allows Private Messaging to other members. It’s also a little less restrictive about what you can post. I spend most of my time on free side mainly because I’m not as advanced as the folks on that side. I might be a little intimidated by their knowledge LOL. Here’s link


Alright I posted wrong link. Here’s the right one

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Thanks so much but check these babies out week 4 week 1 of veg. I decided I’m going to keep them in seedling for 1 month veg for 2 months and flower until they are ready so they just finished seedling on Saturday and now they are veggin


Looking great, friend.:+1:

Thanks I just got my la confidential I’m stoked to c wat I can make of them we’re are u from bro u don’t have to answer if u don’t want to just say mind ur business I’ll understand I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania called Allentown

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Looks like some indica right there. Ironic this convo went from where do I get seeds I’m desperate to look at my plants and the seedling and vegging cycle I run. Classic internet catfish.

Be careful with FoxFarm soil it’s really hot for at least the first two months. That’s if you are running Ocean Forest.

Best of luck :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think you were asking me. I’ve avoided until recently being specific about where I’m located. Mainly because of being in a illegal state. Was in a conversation about a week ago about being in a illegal state and mentioned Ky, and how long it’s going to be before we get a cannabis bill to Governors desk. At this point I’m not going to worry about it. If someone on forum is paying attention to me it’s already to late. So I’m in Ky. rural area outside of large metropolitan area.

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My mom was from just outside Lexington. Go big blue!

I live closer to University that is considered UofK 's little brother. LOL. More of a Big Blue fan.

Illegal grows will be legal soon enough.

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Recently elected governor said he would sign medical bill and consider recreational. The problem is a lot of state legislators refuse to even consider anything. Once surrounding states pass bill they’ll realize that they are missing out on tax revenues from people going across state lines to purchase.

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I enjoy the westcoast for their lax on recreational

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