PLease help me. My seedling is turning yellow



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hey there, I’ve recently bought a mix pack autoflowering, including blueberry, amnesia haze and northern lights. I planted 3 seeds and 2 of them are the same shade of green as they are sprouting but one of them is much lighter. I’d love it if someone could please see them and provide me with some information on whether they are growing healthy or not :slight_smile: Edit: I just realised I can only send one photo so I’ll send the one that is a much lighter shade.


Some autos will start a little funky but it should pull through just make sure you ph your water 6.5


And do not over water. At this stage I mist them twice a day.


Agreed with both above post and all plants look a little different normally
So a little lighter or darker I wouldn’t worry to much
You got it to sprout thats a good thing
Mist soil to keep top layer miost
Placing a dome over her would also help in early stage


Looks like it was over watered, almost drowned. I hope you have not provided nutrients yet. Have you? She might still be salvageable. :slight_smile: