Please Help Me im having no luck

Ok this may be long. I purchased several strains from I love growing marijuana. ive read the reviews there a great company. I did no good om the 1st 20 I received. well I know that was mainly on me and not knowing a whole lot about growing. I am determined to grow. I have 2 white widow growing now. 1 looks real good the other good but not as big since I somehow managed to get it seprated from the tap root and it would not grow for the first couple of weeks.but it is growing now its only have thesize as its side kick. ialso ordered some girl scout cookie extreme from them. ive attempte to germinate about half of those but very unsuccessful. ive got 1to grow so far. well its working onits 3rd leaves…im doing mr. bergmans nutes on the girl scout. ive spent a lot of money. I have 2 tents 4ft by 2ft and 6ft tall. i got 2 mars hydro pro epistar 120. expensive lights that I know are good for growing. I have both in 1 tent. 1 is on the red spectrum bloom. othere over the girl scout is grow. the blue spectrum light.i use fox farm soil. I have ocean forest which I honestly don’t like . I don’t know why it just doesn’t seem good. I also have happy frog. I like it.i try to use only rain water but sometimes I runout amd have to use reg faucet water. I do ph it and also let it sit for atleast 24hrs.honestly it seems im doing good other than im not able to get my seeds to sprout. I soak them where I only ge out of water if I see they pop open. I then transpate to dirt. then I wait and wait but never get anything to sprout. I know my soil ,ay be hot so I even tried the pellets where ive still not had any luck. ive got like 15 seeds in dirt and none have sprouted. been in dirt 3 days.i keep them warm. I water.i don’t know where im going wrong. I have gold leaf now and im super excited about getting a few to grow but I know I got to learn where im going wrong 1st. can anyone pick up on anything I may be doing wrong?

I do 24 hours in water then straight to soil, 1/4 inch deep then lightly cover with soil. I never touch the seed with bare hands.8 for 8 so far. I think the ocean is to hot for young seedlings, be sure your not giving to much water, seedlings need very little . U can put a clear cup over the baby’s to act like a dome

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oh I went bought a bag of worm castings and perlite. can I grow seeds straight in worm castings? well that amd perlite mixed. oh I also have been putting Great White mycorrhizae on my seeds. I sprinkle alittle on soil before I water. any help would be great. any questions?

U shouldn’t have to feed till week 6

ok thank you tinman. what about happy frog soil? and what should ph of water that we soal our seeds. should it be 7 or like 5.8 or so like when I water my plants.

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6.5 for soil

I think happy is not as hot, I recently purchased some light warrior, it’s the seedling soil from fox farms.iam gonna put about a solo cups worth around the seedlings, then fill rest with happy frog

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yes I put a dome over. I know humidity has to stay high. so no micro? is that considered feeding? Im not so knowledgable on the nutes and stuff

How much are you watering? If you’re using pucks, you should be squeezing out the excess water and then put a clear dome over them. They shouldn’t need more water. For dirt, same thing. Won’t need much water. Just a few sprays on the surface and put a dome over them keeping the humidity high


ok im going to try less water. do u know the best seed starting soil? I don’t mind to spend money. I just need these things to grow.ive been wanting to try the fiber blocks. I know there more less for hydro but wouldn’t they work for soil?

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You don’t need to go expensive. Just some cheap seed starting potting mix will do. The stuff I get is like $5

ok thank u so much for ur help.


@Defoe420 The advantage to the coco type soils is little to no chance of bugs being in it. Cons are you gotta feed them nutes more but you have control over them. The promix I use straight up dry. I wet non scented paper towels in tap water ring them a bit and put my seeds into that and between two plastic plates and sit them somewhere warm. I have near 100 percent success with this method. Ps it’s easy to over water especially seedlings it’s an instinct of ours thinking were helping it


You have most the product you need for a full veg grow setup

I layer my soil

Light warrior
Happy frog
Ocean forest

The light warrior is really only like a red solo cup impression of it to get rooms started.

What’s nice about fox farm is there’s enough perlite in the mix so you don’t need to add more to get started.

Red spectrum is great for flower but doesn’t do much for vegetative growth of your plants. You’ll wants whites and blues to penetrate the foliage and promote vertical growth of your plants.


Also stop using your nutrient line in your soil until a few weeks into excessive growth of the plants… you’ll want tall bushy plants. If your adding nutrients to soil that already has nutrients you’ll end up killing your plants


True dat they feed of their cotyledon leaves feed them when they wither up they need nutrients. These @Defoe420 are the little round leaves under your first normal looking leaves. They have food in them for the new plant to start.

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On the seed pucks if i use them i use a 2 or 3 tablespoons of 3%hydrogen peroxide and ph water and soak them and squeeze them out in the sink and then put in fresh water with 3%hydrogen peroxide again i lost some seeds from dirty pucks before
I use shot glasses for my seeds i put 2 tablespoons of 3%hydrogen peroxide with 2cups of water stir and pour in shot glasses drop seeds and then to paper towel and Ziploc bag till 1/4 inch tail then into pucks or soil
I don’t like fox farm ocean forest soil and just use pro mix vegetable and herb mix soil i do sprinkle a little myconize on the seed and in the hole i put them in i got a very good success rate with this i only loose on here and there to dampening off and it usually happens when a swing in the humidity is big outside while im at work butt other than that I like using oasis cubes for my clones and soak them the same way i do the seed pucks hope this helps a little and good luck

Rapid rooter for seeds , pucks for clones

No no no on the worm castings! Seeds dont need fertilizer if any kind to break ground and get to the first set of true leaves. In fact, the will do this even lect in damp paper towels too long. All you need fo a healthy seed is to take coco, or a peat based soiless mix such as sunshine or promix, pack some cheap plastic cells with it. Need no fertilizer or castings! Soak the soiless mixture in water of choice let it drip so it’s not soggy, use a pencil to make a hole, throw the seed in it gently cover and be patient. If you cover with a dome you shouldn’t need to water again until the seed is ready for transplant. If no dome, you may need to spray periodically to keep the mixture moist.keep near 80 f and provide light when seeds sprout.