Please help me... First time grower - Auto Ak47

Progress :grin:

If the group OWA existed (over-waterers anonynmous) then I’d be a charter member. As a new grower, I always feel like I need to be ‘doing’ something, even when that ‘something’ doesn’t need to be done.


Do you have any pics stop to finish I really would like to compare my ak auto to others to see how much I might yield

This is 70 plus days

This is a picture from a month ago.

The left plant has not grown any taller. Its got noce fat buds. The middle plant grew a tad bit more and has fat bus as well. The plant on the right grew taller then the middle one and its starting to bud now. Ill get pictures in a couple of days as they are in my friends back yard.

haha that’s so funny and true. I have 3 outdoors in the Australain bush, middle of summer and it’s hot! 30s up to over 40 degress Celcius, and I only see them every 2 weeks to give them their Nitrogen hit (Nitrosol), with 3 to 5 litres of water each, and they are going great :slightly_smiling_face: