Please help me figure this out

Hi I’m having trouble hope someone can help with what’s wrong with my plants


What you thinking the problem is?

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Well either nutrients burn or calcium disorder I got white stains on the outside of my pots the ph in the soil is in between 5 an 6 I feed on friday just dont know what to do it’s my first grow

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I had all these same worries and issues mate Over watering, over worrying all of that lol, I think you want your ph at 6.2-6.5 I believe but I’m growing autos so it may be different, I had the same with the patches on the leaves some brown some yellow etc but she’s still growing and still doing well, Here’s my one just started flowering few days ago

My 3 just in the past week started showing these spots an browning it’s my first grow so gots me kinda on edge dont want to mess up my girls I also started 3 auto flowers in a separate tent

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I wouldn’t worry too much, if the new sets of leaves coming through are healthy and stay healthy then you should be fine, when mine started I gave mine a light flush with just PH water as I was worried I fed too much as all I had was tomorite tomato feed which is super high in nitrogen :laughing: which is why some of my leaves are real dark green

Soil ph needs to be between 6.2 and 6.8 anything below or above cant take in certain nutrients

Yeah ph is good I’m pretty sure I over watered them

May be start of a deficiency.

Maybe only time will tell


They are looking good definitely think it was the overwater

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Looks like nutrient burn from getting water on the leaves.

So I’m getting it on new growth now