Please help light yellow around edge of leaves


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Give us a guess…I know you can do it
Your pic enlarged

I think its maybe cal- mag issues. But also could be nitrogen deficiencie.

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Welcome to the forum…
Just wanted to have you try to diagnose as trying is a great way to learn and well
Ding ding ding…great diagnosis at lest that’s what I was thinking too except…
Cal and mag are 2 different nutrients and you can treat for one and not the other or for both at the same time… although many times people refer to them as one…
Calcium is one and looking at the chart that deficiency is different than a magnesium deficiency
Magnesium is another and that deficiency looks different than calcium…
You can have both of them at the same time too.
Looks like the start of magnesium deficiency and as far as nitrogen based on the pics they do look a lighter green than normal plant leaves but that could be the lighting in the pic.

Hope this helps

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I was thinking magnesium deficiency as well but I’m using tap water and my other strains were not affected so it kind of confused me. Thanks for the help greatly appreciated

Pictures of the “other strains” would help. I found every strain has slightly different “nutrient desires”, throughout it’s entire life cycle, some strains have weaker body parts than others, this can include root systems and any other hereditary defects. If your other strains look fine and were treated exactly the same, there’s no real worry, they could be dwarfed in any given way.

For precautions, did you check for insects like mites? They’ll ruin your day rather quickly in efforts to migrate their colony. They can be eradicated without wiping out everything.

I have been using neem seed oil and I do random checks everything is fine as far as mites and bugs go. You’re right I think I’m going to just keep it to one strain at a time for now till I get better at diagnosing deficiencies thanks for the help