Please help led questions

I have about 180$ to buy an led for a 24×48×72 grow tent which led light should I buy?

I am buying 2 mars hydro 300W for the same tent… $160 bucks.

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Thats what i was looking at. Are they good lights.

seen good reviews on them… two puts the true watts right around 265, but they have the correct spectrum…
one of the members here has been doing scrogs with mars hydro and the results have been beyond impressive.

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Those i will get

just to be safe I am planning on supplementing mine with about 156 true watts of cfls… but from what I have been reading,…two of those mars in an 8 sqft tent,…two or three plants…should be a good setup for decent production.

Im doing three scroged plants. Heres my rescue plant o saved about 2 weeks ago. My friend started and i fixed. Now my little white thunder… heres my home made cfl fixture

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This is my bent scroge out doors

names Tony

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Tony is huge!! LOL…
by the way… it was Hillcrest… that is the member who used Mars lights for his scrogs… there is probably a way to look up his journal…I think it was “Monster Goldleaf Scrog”… but I may be mistaken…my mind slips these days

Ive sceen most of his post. . Good grower. Didn’t know hebused them. Thanks

I use 1 mars 300 and 2 mars 600 and averaged 4 oz per plant on 6 plants on my first grow. I love them for the $ and not a lot of heat output

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