Please help just harvested and 4 days in smells like potpourri instead of pot

Can anyone tell me if my crop is junk or what I harvested 4 days ago and kept the drying room around 70 degrees and RH around 50 to 60 percent like everything I read and everything smells like you went into hobby lobby in the potpourri section and nothing like stinky weed what am I doing wrong here and do you think everything is ruined


It’s not uncommon for it to lose it’s smell shortly after harvest, or smell like, hay, grass, or other earthy aromas. After you start curing it will begin to pop.


You’re on track , Shoot for that slow drying period. 65 to 70 degrees an humidity around 40 to 50 Small amount of air movement but I don’t like to blow directly on the product. Also as @Borderryan22 mentioned when Jarred up a few days into cure Aroma will start coming out.
Good luck :v:


I really appreciate the information it has definitely calmed me down I was completely heartbroken thinking I screwed everything up this is my first successful grow I have attempted in the past with little to no success and have never made it this far so I’m completely out of my element thanks again for the comforting information lol :metal:t3::metal:t3: Also what’s your opinion on when to start the final trim and placing in the jars and has anyone had any experience with grove bags


Let dry for 7, 10, even 14 days. The slower the better, 60-65% humidity want air to blow above, even below just not at them. Some people use a wood moisture meter to test. Tons of peeps use grove bags here, aearch grove bags and youll have more info then you will know what to do with.


No grove bags, i use drying racks and indoor clothes line. The smaller bud goes in the racks wet trimmed, takes about 4 days in 50 % RH. Then i put it in wide mouth quart mason jars.

The bigger bud gets wet trimmed also, but i will cut a hanger out of one of the branches and hang them on the clothes line. These take about a week to dry, i then clip them off and put into the jars.

I grow big photos so it usually takes a weekend + weekly evening trimming after work to cut one down, there are 6, so it takes about 6 weeks. I go in and clip off only what i am going to trim. I do grow hydro, and dont flush them, or keep them in the dark at all, they keep growing while i harvest.

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Take a bud, dry it and smoke it!.. that tells the tale for me and it does tend to smell like “hay” whilst drying. I hang mine 4 or 5 days and then cut the buds off and dry another 4 or 5 days.

Then I put them in mason jars when they dont “clump up” in the jars any more. after a few grows I think you get the idea of when they are dry enough and wont mold in the jars…

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I like to shoot for 8 or 9 days to dry That can vary depending on how much you wet trim. I remove limbs to hang , take the large fan leafs. finish with a dry trim. :v:

The grow I just harvested is ILGM feminized super skunk and the other is ghost og from a seed I found in dispensary batch. I had 4 plants in a tent and took me almost 6 hours to wet trim and hang. I cut all the fan leaves and any that were close to the buds but left most of the ones covered in trikes. so far it’s been 4 days and everything seems still pretty wet. the room it’s in has central ac and I keep the rh anywhere from 50 to 60% with several fans blowing around but not on and it’s kept dark. Do I still wait till the stems snap instead of just bend before I do final trim or do I need to be doing it sooner