Please help is this a hermi?

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I’ve only seen pictures of bananas before but ive read they’re are pollen producing. Is that what I’m looking at here? Please help I have two other plants in same room a week away from harvest. I’m at the ready to cut this thing down I don’t want to risk the others.

Thats definately late male flowers popping out there. You are fairly close to harvest so I dont think you need to worry too much. If any seeds are found after harvest they will most likely be immature and have little to no bearing on the quality of your buds. If you are planning to clone this plant just be aware that all clones will also possess this trait.

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Im about a week away from harvest so you don’t think they’ll cause other plants to seed in a week?

Also will it affect the way buds taste or anything like that just wondering

If it was me I’d harvest that now no one likes seedy weed

Yup, I agree with @mountainman1…Good call my friend thumb


Depending on how big the plant is , you could always take them out with a pair of tweezers , but honestly if you are only a week off harvest I wouldnt worry too much.

Yeah I’ve just picked as many as I can, fingers crossed its too late for anything drastic. Going to start flushing tomorrow. Thanks for your help

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