Please help is my plant ready for harvest?

Is a sour diesel (fem)


Nice looking! Could you get a pic in natural light

Sure. Here you go. Thanks for the help.

They looking close to done to me. Do you have a jewelers loupe or something similar? That way you could check trichomes on the bud. It is a preference thing really of when done. 25% amber colored trichomes is what I believe most shoot for.

Id say your close but a few weeks to ho still
You still have lots of white pistols showing which tells me that your going to bulk up some more
Do rush it now
Good advice on tricombes @Smokin_ernie


Do i give he only water or nutrients and water?

Judging by the looks id probably feed one more time then just ph water the rest of the way
I will normally stop feeding two weeks before harvest
I think you have 3-4 more left by looking at pictures

So you know the ppm of the soil ?