PLEASE HELP! I'm a first time grower and one of my branches has grown almost completely into my light!

I’m a first time grower. I was given a GSC plant and went all out for it. I bought a 3x3x6 grow tent, 300W LED grow light, carbon filter, inline fan, a dehumidifier, and a fan for additional circulation. Well, skip ahead one month (my plant was roughly one and a half months old when I received it) and my plant is now 2 weeks into flower. As the title suggests, one of my branches on my canopy has grown five inches away from the LED light at the light’s highest hanging capacity. I don’t feel comfortable super cropping, as I have a true tendency to break things way too easily. I already dropped the LED light intensity down to 60, and I’ve moved the light to the back of my tent, away from the top growing branch (I can slide my light in my tent) in spite of losing direct light to my branches in the front of the tent. Aside from this, is there anything else that I can do not to burn this bud site all to hell? Or am I better off just leaving the light in the middle and let it burn up a little bit? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ll gladly answer any clarifying questions as well.

Tie it down or supercrop it.

LST it. That might work

Thank you two for the help! I attempted LST, which ended up turning into supercropping unintentionally. Thankfully she has no breaks in the stem that are visible. When lights come on I will post a picture of my girl.

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She may swell a little at the supercrop when it heals. Might want to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t split. Otherwise, sounds like you’re good to go.

bend her over…keep her there

I had to tie one down. Its easy and the plant will take it well.

Here’s a picture of my GSC mother. I know she’s growing really close to the light, but it’s my first grow and I never expected her to be more than 35 inches total with the plant being topped, but she’s well over 40 inches now. Oh well, you live and learn with the first grow.

I was thinking about lollipopping again and removing the bottom two branches because they haven’t grown into the main canopy. I know the benefits of lollipopping allow more nutrients to focus on top bud sites, but I was thinking with it already being so high and close to the light that leaving those bottom sites may stop the buds from growing directly into the light. Any suggestions as to whether or not that would be beneficial here?

You could super crop her down to the level of those branches you want to cut off, then they are all the main canopy. Google kushmans super crop video. That video inspired me to play around a bit. LST with string can accomplish the same goal with more work.

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Great video! Covers defoliation, supercropping, and what he calls “Cushman Chiropracty”.