Please help if you can. I was cutting grass and I got to close to my plants

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Please help if you can. I was cutting grass and I got to close to my plants. Something cut the top 4 main leafs off one of my baby girls. I’ve attached a picture. Will it survive ? Is there anything I can do to increase its chances. As always thank you for your outstanding customer service.

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I think its history. But Im the type that would give it a little extra tlc and try to save it… But I believe its history…


Yeah agree again @Sasquatch
Not much in vegetation left there
I personally would just leave it be and see what happens you never know but I definitely wouldn’t
Expect to much for that one
Maybe moving them next time you mow would be prudent :wink:
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Personally, I would drop another seed now and not waste any time.

It’s so young, nothing left but cotyledons and a stump, the chances of any new growth will be extremely slim, it’s not like a buried stem throwing out new roots. Dropping a new seed loses a couple of weeks of veg time but would get more than I think that one ever could even if she sprouted new growth, would take weeks of recovery to get any real growth after that sort of shock, write it off, drop a new one and salvage something from what was luckily an experience you had now and not in the last couple of weeks of flower.

As CB says, maybe moving them when you mow is prudent, or make a “shield” around each plant with chicken wire so they still get ventilation but keep the weed whacker at bay could also work.