Please help identify the gender

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have 10 plants and I am not sure if its male or female plants. Please look at the pics and help me with the gender. I am busy learning but very afraid of making a mistake.

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Good morning! I would love to help but can’t see up close enough. Could/would you post close ups?

From these pic I see no pistols just groups of balls. Looks male but a single close up pic is really needed. If you don’t have white hairs coming out of the balls it’s male if it was female it has a bunch of white pistols thar will start forming in groups. And I just took a better longer look and are those brown thinges pustols? How old is this plant? How long has it been in flower

It almost looks like they seeded. I don’t see any male stalks or clusters but it’s really hard to tell. I would suspect a male got your plants early in flower. Can you open one of the calyxes to see, like on number 9?


With these pic’s it’s really to hard to call. A better close up would help for sure.


Women are going to bloom

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They look like male flowers to me but need a better closeup…

So I looked up close, I’m sure it’s the females who already have the seeds, so you might have a hermaphrodite maybe even a male, I would start a new growth and learn, so the new seeds from the ilgm and step by step grow on the forum

No 9 is hermaphrodite