Please help Identify problem!

Hi there , I am an outdoor grower for 5 years now and first time coming across this problem. The leaves since vege stage have gone all twisted and crazy like… then During flowering it started getting spots on it varying yellow to brown. I am attaching photos. My suspicion is mosaic virus or deficiency of some sort but just cant pin it… the buds arr a bit airy compared to the other healthy and thick looking and feeling nugs. Please help!


You probably have mites. Other stuff going on and some of it likely genetic but mites will rob the plant of nutrients and prevent it from flowering well and in some cases kill the plant. Do a very close exam of one of those leaves, particularly on the underside.

TMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus) is actually not very common: been on here for years and not seen one instance of it reported. What that looks like is White Powdery Mildew. If it rubs off that’s what it is. You can treat for all of it with 3% peroxide sprayed 50/50 with distilled water. Pick up a bottle of ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ in concentrate. Look for the product that has Bacillus Thurengiensis or BtK. You can use alternating every 6 days with peroxide and water to control/manage the infestations but likely won’t eliminate entirely.

Recommend a bud wash any time you grow outdoors.

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Here’s another one that uses Spinosad and you can alternate these too. FYI do not mix peroxide with these agents as the peroxide will kill the bacteria.

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Be careful using this bacteria. It adapts really well to chemicals and what not. I actually wrote a paper on this for my senior Biochemistry paper when I was a Sophomore. Main problem is if you have to use it a lot say for mites. The Mites will adapt and over come where the bacteria is now null in void.

Also to know this key point. Having looked at this bacteria past -nanometer some of them will have this crystal pattern in it and that makes it useful. If it doesn’t have it, it will not work. :+1::+1::+1:

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That’s why I like to alternate between 3 different products.

The peroxide will take care of WPM too so that’s a bonus. But tolerance is something we all have to deal with for sure.

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So I have thoroughly inspected the underside of the leaves and don’t see any mites at all…

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Looks like bugs doing bad things…
Probably spider mites need a 60x or so loop and take affected leaf off gently…flip it over and look for movement or eggs under leaf etc.
Just using the hose and spraying off the plant top and bottom of leaves will wash many away slowing them down.
Then follow up with the suggested products etc.

Put down some Diatomaceous Earth either on top of soil after watering and it dries a bit or at base of pot…under and around it or both.
Or take a lid from container and cut to center then cut a hole big enough that your main stalk fits through and attach to lowest point and tape together and add DE to that. Like one of those dog cones they use to keep them from chewing licking after surgery.
Like what I did here…

Hope this helps and good luck

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