Please help identify my problem!

Im a first time indoor grower, but have grown outdoor for many years, so please, assume i am a complete newb.

I am having an issue with what was a really healthy plant just a week ago.

I’m 6 weeks into veg under a 400W MH. I’m growing in soil and have been using a organic nutrient mix of 4-3-3. My temps and humidity are under control. Im on a 18/6 light cycle.

This problem is clearly some type of nutrient deficiency, but I think it may stem from a low PH issue, as I was not monitoring it.

The problem seems to be more toward the lower/older leaves, but seems to be climbing quickly. What is the proper way to proceed? I have purchased PH equipment to assure my water’s PH will be good from now on, but will this be enough to save the plant. I intend on using her as a mother plant.

Thanks for all the help!


She’s root bound and hungry… put her in a 5 gallon cloth pot with some freash soil … :wink:

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Yep, I agree with @peachfuzz, she looks rootbound, and a cloth pot will do wonders for her.


Yeah she needs transplanted for sure and a good feeding


@Botcan just to be sure what is your Ph off your runoff and what line of Organic nutrients are you using, and one more question are you using Cal-Mag with your grow? By the way she is a lovely plant you have there could you tell me about the strain to please as for been a newbie it always a learning curve for us all but this is the place you will get good support from everyone :v:.

I appreciate all the help thus far. Im glad I found such a great place to get me through my first grow!

I am using this.

I am not using any CalMag

She is a White Widow.

I have not been checking the PH of my run off. I just recently (after noticing the problem) have increased the PH of my water from 5.5 to 6.8.

I told myself that if it was worth investing in all the equipment it was worth doing it right. So I don’t know why I wasn’t paying more attention to the PH.


Definitely N deficiency with some necrosis indicating that you are correct on the PH.

She will turn around after re potting.


I took everyone’s suggestions and re-potted. I am also keeping my PH at 6.5 - 6.8. I’ve done a comparison of one of the leaves that were starting to turn like the rest and the progression seems to have stopped, and seem to have taken some colour back. These picture were taken 3 days apart. So hopefully i have my issue solved.

Thanks to everyone for the help!


Remember; the damage is done and the leaves will not improve. Look at the new growth.

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I understand this @Myfriendis410

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Yeah agree that she should be transplanted but do the ph thing first. And don’t give no food for 24hrs after watering her with your correct ph water. Maybe a little foiler feed by spraying underneath those yellow leaves 30mins before you water. Because even tho a plant shows defincey you can still nute burn at the same time when ph is off. Look she’s a beauty and I had the same problem and I wanted to do the same idea you want too and not only did she give me a bunch of healthy hardy clones it made her one tough bitch…you can make her strong if you do it right

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