Please Help Identify Me

I purchased Feminized Autoflower White Widow many months ago. I germinated ,planted and now about to Harvest. However, One of these is Definitely Not White Widow. I am guessing maybe Granddaddy Purple?
Any ideas. Thank you


White widows will occasionally show purples.
Nice plant.
Here is someone else who had it happen. I see it often.


There is a grower who hasn’t been on the last few months that grew widows with solid red stems and purple buds. Anybody heard from @oldmarine?


Welcome to the community. some of mine turned purple on one grow.

I havent heard from @oldmarine in a long time, unless i missed his posts. hope all is well.


Welcome to the community :blush:

I haven’t heard from @oldmarine in a very long time. :blush::v:

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Pheno types within a hybrid are pretty common… Here are 2 Northern Lights autos that I grew at the same time

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He hasn’t popped in a while. Does anyone out there know him?


I did some looking at his old posts and on a couple occasions he referred to himself as Jason.
This last post seems to indicate he passed away. Perhaps his wife posted it. Anyway its the last thing posted by his account.


I’d seen the name pop up here and there. But never caught it as a self reference. I’m gonna have to go and look, he didnt live but 100 miles from me.

Skimmed thru it and that can be the only explanation. I’m the last comment on his thread and only one in regards to his passing, but i thought HE posted it talking about someone else.

I am so sorry to hear this. He was a great advisor to us all. Soar high!!!

oh no, i never caught that, i hope not but if it is thats sad

I too never even saw that. I feel bad that I didn’t comment until now