Please help Identify issue

Hello all need some help trying to figure out what is going on growing king Kong started both from seed using autopots promix and perlite,advanced nutrients, lighting growcraft and kindled flower bar why are they growing different could autopot sending more or no nutrients to one of them I clean tank and hoses every other feeding chk pics and u can see the difference… would appreciate any feedback to figure this out


I’m failing to see the difference between the plants. There will always be morphological variation when you grow from multiple seeds; that’s why many people will use identical clones in sea of green setups.


Yep, both plants look healthy and are producing nice sized colas. It’s not unusual to see a coloration difference in the same strain.


One plant uses more nitrogen than the other no biggie


Looking good Nice plants !

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thks for response you can see difference in top pic left plant much lighter leaves

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Count your blessings my son.

Give it a bit more cal.mag per gallon. Prolly help get some yellow out of her.