Please help, I think I may have bud rot?


Can someone please help me out with my outdoor blueberry autoflower. She’s pretty near harvest. It’s been very humid out for the past 2 weeks. Checked on her today, I noticed the brown patches on a few buds and also some white inside the buds. Looks like bud rot but I’m not very experienced. If it is bud rot, what can be done?! @MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 @BigDaddyCain @Justgrowin



Definitely bud rot
Best to save what you can and wash it well
Sorry @GreenJewels the white stuff is mold
@Hogmaster can you post that video



At your service


Thanks @Hogmaster
Fast fingers you have lol
@GreenJewels save what you can and do as instructed in video
Better to take it early than loose everything


Thanks, that’s what i was afraid of. at least I caught it quick. only 3 buds look infected. I will be careful not to spread to my inside girls. Appreciate the help. I was just reading your post on bud rot. someone mentioned neem oil. I had been using it but stopped 2 weeks ago because she was getting close to harvest.


I wash everything regardless


Thanks @Hogmaster
I think I will scrub down all my equipment. Hate to bring the fungus/mold indoors


I was talking about washing the buds too :wink:


So I should wash all of the buds on the plant like your above video? I should toss the infected buds though right?


Oil should not be used in flower fyi i try not to put anything on my girls in flower except maybe food grade de
Glad you caught it early
Autos can be funny cause they flower in the humid season? I try to keep the autos indoors


Definitely wash everything you plan on smoking


Thanks for all your help. I may stick to indoors. Ohio weather is crazy. dry as heck when I need humid for veg and humid as heck when I need dry for flower.


I play outside but keep my medicine indoors
I do one maybe two plants outdoors and im ready to loose them lol
Glad we could help
Happy growing


I realize everyone is agreeing it’s “bud rot” but just for a second maybe something else? In the second picture you see mold but I see part of a web, I had these little green worms in 2 of my buds & the outside started to look just like that.

Not trying to stir the pot! Lol just trying to help with another perspective?


I believe @Willd just had to chop one for a bug that brought on what looks like bud rot like that. He might have more insight, but I think he just chopped the whole plant for hash to cut his losses.