Please help I need some advice and suggestions. Guidance

My plants look like something is wrong. HELP ME PLEASE. I thought I was doing awesomeness.

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What exactly do you think is wrong? Those look like normal healthy plants, what are you seeing that’s changed?

I see some spots in the first picture is that what you’re talking about? Didn’t you already ask about spots in a different thread? If it’s just that one planted might be genetic

what’s your run off Ph? top pictures almost look over watered like they are going through ph fluctuations? or possible nitrogen toxicity leathery leaves?

you know what you think the symptoms are do a little home work or provide more details so others can help

I agree with you, looks like ph problem

What should the ph run off be

in soil/less 6.2-6.8 with the lower 6.2 -6.5 range being optimum if it’s low or high and you are setting watering ph too high or low in comparison if soil is 5.8 watering with 6.8 is too drastic a swing etc. In that case you would flush with water 6.5 until run off is same as you water with what happens is the fresh water changes ph within several hours in the soil and makes for fast drastic swings locking out some nutrients. Plant will appear happy right after watering then start to droop again as o2 and ph swing back out of range many will over water since plant appears to improve which creates a worse issue if ph is out in your soil flushing with 3-4 times volume of pot using correct ph water will adjust soil closer to proper range and rinse out any build ups


OK I have my plants in a 2 or three gal. Pot but I water it with 1 gal…pouring all in at once and letting it all drain out until no more water is coming out the bottom…I also flush with one gal water 2 tea. Sledgehammer and a additional 2 gal just water every 3-4 weeks everything oh 6.5…sound right or am I doing it wrong? Also feed every 7 days

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Could they be getting root bound ?

I think they are getting root bound , transplant them to a much bigger smart fabric pot , 5, 7 , or 10 gallon for final pot and she will recover greatly and take off .

They look healthy but maybe a little over watered

I would say over watered ,are they heavy as to when you first planted. when the soil gets saterated itll be a lot heavyer … If you think this mite be it , place a small fan on low blowing on the soil to help dry it . maybe add a few holes on the bottom . How wet is the soil 1" down ??also some thing to keep in mind when your girls looked SO good …:slight_smile: what were you doing ?? the water you were using prior to getting your ph pen. what did it ph at with the new pen?? what nutes were you feeding OR not feeding ? how often water and how much??? just rewind a little bit :smile: Also major kudos on the grow room and your ingenuity .Hammer

I planted them in bigger pots, which they where all root bound. Now I didn’t something so so F****** STUPID. So one night I took 2 Xanax the bars and blacked out. No wonder they are illegal here in Canada Lol, An so this is what I did, I chopped this shit outta my trees thinking I can main line one one two an then when I started to come off that shit. I realized WTF did I do. I don’t even remember doing these to my girls. I hope I didn’t !@#$ it up. I’m trying to research now on how I can fix this. Ugh I’m NEVER DOING BARS EVER AGAIN. :rage:<img I know it’s stupid src=“//” width=“499” height=“499”>

lol so funny but you may have done yourself a flavor not know just let them grow now for couple weeks you will be surprise nice job lol :v: no more trimming or BARS


Omg must of been a trip. I don’t remember nothing. I still feel a bit funny but it’s going away thank god. Never again will I take those. Lol