Please Help! I keep wasting seeds!

Ok, this is my second batch of 6 that have gone to waste. I’ll start by listing everything I have set up, pictures are included, and the schedule and how I treat them. Now in the pictures the I planted them almost 2 weeks ago. I have an exhaust and fan that I have turned off because they’re not big enough to be smelling up the place. The lights are on an 18/6 timer comes on at 4pm. 600W LED. Tent is 2x4x5ft. I have a heater that I keep on low, and humidifier that I keep in low. Also an oscillating fan that I keep on low. I water them once a day by using the spray bottle. I give each plant about 6 or 7 squirts. This is the second batch that went to shit. Any suggestions, I really need help. The tent is in the basement, and I’m in the Windy City. When I check the every morning at about 8am, the temperature is usually around 74 to 77 degrees ferinheit, and humidity is around 50 to 55. I’m thinking about buying a 2x2x5ft tent with light and exhaust fan and put it in my bedroom closet to nurse them til they get bigger then move them to the basement tent. What am I doing wrong here? Is it watering? Idk, suggestions anyone!

What brand of led and what soil are you using?

Your medium is drying out too fast it looks like. I highly recommend not using jiffy pots to pop your beans. Try using red solo cups, poke at least 3 holes in the bottom sides of the cup for drainage. That way you can also throw some ziploc sandwich bags over them while they’re germinating and also keep your humidity up.

I use the paper towel method with high germ rates. So basically I put a seed in a cup of water add about a cap of peroxide (helps kill potential harmful bacteria) and let it sit for 12-20 ish hrs. Then I take it out, put it in a damp paper towel and throw that in a sammich bag. When the tap root comes out I plant the seed then cover the cup with the ziploc until the true leaves emerge. From there high humidity and warm temps should get you through.


What soil are you using???

ROHS LED LIGHT, and Fox Farm soil. Pictures attached.

FoxFarm potting soil

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That there may be the problem! FFoF IS too hot for seedlings. Start them off in a reg potting soil and transplant after a couple weeks into the FFoF.


Good advice @Audiofreak

Don’t use peat pots use red solo cups with holes poked in the bottom or small plastic pots with drainage on the bottom.
Like @Audiofreak said use seedling soil to fill those first little pots

Are you running autos or photos?

Regardless when you want to start seeds the way you should be doing it is mixing 2 parts water 1 part hydrogen peroxide, soak for 20hr or so but no longer than a 24hr. Place your seeds in a Tupperware container with damp paper towel and wait for it to germinate. Once you have a tail drop it in your pot.

Fox farms ocean forest is really hot soil, start in seddling soil and if your able to get fox farms happy frog then get a bag of that as well.

Stand a wine bottle in the center of your main 5 gallon pot or whatever size your using. Fill the pot 3/4 with fox farms ocean forest that has been mixed with at least 30% perlite. You need airey soil for roots to best preform.
Then fill the rest with happy frog or some other lighter soil again mixed with 30% perlite, including the plug made from the wine bottle.
This allows the tap root to grow down fast and not stop when it hits hot soil like ocean forest or some other super soil.

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I have Super Skunk Feminized Seeds.
Can you take a picture of the wine bottle I should use? Also can I buy the soil from home depot or menards this time of year? Thanks I reall appreciate the advice!

I dome. many dont but i have good luck with seedlings.

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I’ve put a clear cup over it like a dome for a few days and it was ok. Also, did you put them in a clear cup, then inside a red cup?

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That’s how you check the roots to see if ready for transplant.i leave the dome on till the leaves touching clear dome.

Gotcha, so when the roots look like that then they’re ready to be put in a bigger pot? What kind of soil is in the bottom? And what kind is at top?

Bingo! Or even a little more(±).

I dont do it that way…I start in a seedling soil in solo cups than transplant into FFoF in 7gal fabric pots.

I also add a pinch of azos and mykos (for the roots in germination hole and again at transplant)

Are these pots too small for transplant? They’re 8”! Or will the bigger ones do?


If growing photos use 5/7gal size. I do recommend the fabric pots, root grouth is much better.

This is the 7gal. Just harvested this girl


Fellow Chicagoian here. When i started i killed over 30 seeds plus. I found it was the medium i was using was mostly peat moss, no perlite, just peat. So basically I was drowning the seeds due to the fact peat moss holds so much water.

I would just get a bag of Fox Farm HAPPY FROG, mix in a little perlite, and go from there.

Also, i germinate between papertowels. I keep a tupperware bowl placed upside down to keep in the moisture. Once they split and open carefully transplant into the Happy Frog Soil.

They say with happy frog you wont need any nutes until after the 3rd week of them growing.

Hope that helps.