Please Help....I desperate

I have issues with seedlings.
There 2 weeks old and half are not sprouting. Forget Them.
The ones that are look to be dying. They are under 600 w MH with 2 table spoon of water at 18 inches bolow lamp.

and this

and this

That is way too mcuh light for such small plants! Yikes!

Raise that light a bunch, or better yet use a 45 watt CFL bulb hung at about that distance or a little lower.

A CFL with a Kelvin color rating around 3000K to 6500K will work. Below 3000K is more for flowering, not sprouting or veg.

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Are the floppy one dead??

They might be cooked, hard to say by the quality of these pics, but it is pretty likely they could be cooked.

Also with that much heat and light, I’d imagine the soil would dry out really fast with only

Do they need more water?

Get them under more reasonable light and make sure they have at least moist soil. make sure the temps are no higher than 82F, and more ideally between about 68F to 78*F. And try and keep the humidity about roughly 70-80%



You got to raise the light to see @Richb007

I had some plants lay over and conform to the surface of the ground one time because they got so hot, but they stood back up.

Can’t predict what will happen to your plants but you can take the first step in correcting the problem


@MacGyverStoner is right on top of that way to much light :bulb:


I lost all 14 of mine that way man. To much light and to much heat. Honestly i saved one by putti g a cup of water in the setup and she pulled through

heres my surviver


If there’s green there’s life, I’d give them a good drink asap also. Light to the top of your set up. Plants on the bottom. Pay close attention to their will to live and don’t pull the plug to early. Drop some more or order more seeds if you don’t have any, in the mean time read as many journals as you can. Go to search and search for journals of your chosen strain and search journals of your specific lights and journals with similar dimensions to your set up. If you can find a journal with them all that’s a bonus but even then try to read as many as you can.
You might be able to put a little desk fan in there to get rid of a heap of heat also. Airflow is almost as important as light and water. Prob more important then nutes etc.

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I agree . powerforce helped me save mine. I was gonna pull the plug but with some guidance and alot of reading saved one. Happy with that. The best genetics won this round. Sturdy little plants. I almost burnt my leaf off . was sure the whole branch was screwed if not the plant. Hour later after turning light off and a quick feeding and she was purk up again. Two face

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What soil are you using? I would transplant them into a better soil. There getting to long do to the light being to strong as @MacGyverStoner has stated

Something like this would be more in order