Please help. Hermaphodite?


Hello everyone
I’m doing my first grow journal (in grow journals) on 1 Blue Mystic and 1 Northern Lights. Both auto flower.
3 weeks in soil.

The Blue Mystic is coming along nicely, pistils popping everywhere…but the Northern Lights I have a bad feeling. Do I have a hermaphodite?!

All 3 images are the one Northern Lights plant.
It has pistils but I think those are ball sacks as well!!
Is it a hermaphodite?!


It does look like you might have a he / she… sorry…



@Jpositive the first is a girl the next 2 plants are males 's .and no removeing them ball’s wont help either .it’ll pop later but in a big way and pollenate the whole room .

Hammer .


@Hammer these three pics are of the same plant, just different areas…
So I guess I’ll just trash this plant. That sucks but I do still have the blue mystic growing strong!



ya get rid of it…Sorry my friend



@Jpositive ,Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news .:toilet:


Good morning gents!
Well I sure have learned a lot from this one thread!

So I did have two grow tents going, one for the blue mystic and one for the northern lights. I went ahead and eliminated the northern lights with the pollen sacks.
Now I get to focus all my attention on this little blue mystic lady. She literally grew an inch overnight, now at 10 - 1/2"
3 weeks and 3 days in soil
Have a great day everybody!!!


My original question was in reference to a Northern Lights plant. A strain supposedly known for its CALMING, RELAXING effects. Somebody make sure this guy gets the seeds in time for next grow.
Peace :v:t3:


For medical patients here, we try to give the best advice to you in order to insure you a better quality harvest for your medicine;, which would be to cull the plant and be entirely safe.

If you must grow it out. Make sure it is secluded, and be warned that residual pollen can spread all around your area even if you have the one plant in a closed off space. With a 1/2 life of 6 months+/- @Majiktoker.

Aside from that; That is for another topic.

When a moderator corrects you; You should back off instead of continuing to prove yourself. Remember to respect the original poster’s topic! :slight_smile:

Culling hermaphrodite plants is the absolute best way to deal with the situation. Period. We are dedicated to teaching retired professional MMJ patients to learn to grow quality medicine.

lw :slight_smile: admin

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@Hogmaster , many thanx for the likes .is very appreciated …

Hammer .