Please help,friends husband dying

Looking for anybody who has experience with RSO and melanoma.A good friends husband has a brain tumor that metastasized from a growth on his arm.The tumor is deep in the brain tissue and is inoperable. They have three more chemo treatments and then its wait to die .no cure.My question is is it too late for RSO? Can anyone help.I have made small batches of RSO,but this is different.Any help would be appreciated.

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I am sorry to hear that. @Ning may be able to help, or point you to some help

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I think @blackthumbbetty has unearthed more research on this than anyone I can think of.

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Thanks :blush:

If @blackthumbbetty can help that would be great. He’s only got a short-time to do anything if it isn’t already too late.They thought it was gone,but it came back with a vengeance. Cancer sucks.

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I would appreciate any input on this from anybody,thank you

Nobody here is qualified to give medical advice, unless they’re a Dr.

That being said, you can always try it, right? I think the general idea is something like 60 gr of RSO in 60 days, starting low and increasing the dose over time.

You’ll want to use strains with high concentrations of cancer fighting terpenes. Here are a few articles to get you going:

The last one has a section about terps.

Are you aware of an online reference for the terp profiles of the various strains?

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Thanks so much!There is always hope.


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Thank you for putting in that disclaimer.

There is a documentary we watched not too long ago called “Weed the People” and talked about the process. It would be beneficial to see that and may be able to develop contacts with cannabis friendly M.D.'s working on this.


With highly concentrated THC is illegal in every level, there’s not gonna be anyone qualified to give advise on how to use cannabis to treat cancer, period. They maybe nurses that claimed to be cannabis specialist but they are still limited to meager researches. Cannabis has been under federal narcotics definition, no reputable researcher, at least in the US can FREELY conduct research in this area. Yes, there are researches that show positive results, but it’s limited and restricted.

With that being said, the need to survive cancer has far outpaced the official acceptance. So people who are dying cannot wait for the officials like FDA or federal agency to greenlight the studies to save people’s lives.

Rick Simpson had published his self-cure using his own extracted cannabis oil 16-17 years ago. He also made simple instruction on how to extract it at home. However, in these times since he published it, initially to treat his melanoma externally, there are many people used it INTERNALLY to fight cancer, many have succeeded and survived the death sentences.

It’s trials and errors that people noted the anecdotal success. There are people who turned to extracting cannabis oil for anticancer purpose and had accumulated thousands of successes. But it’s just that - anecdotal success, not recorded, tested, scientifically studied like somthing powerful like this should have been thoroughly examined. I don’t want to get into why, it’s a long story.

So you have to do your own research, read a lot and make your own educated solutions. I could only give you information but you have to do the legwork for yourself.

I’ll find a link for you. Tried to upload a pdf file but it wouldn’t let me do it here

Geez, I can’t even post any link here! Only one at a time. And I can’t post pdf file either, sorry

Cannabinoids in Glioblastoma Therapy: New Applications for Old Drugs

Here’s Rick Simpson’s FB page with lots of info you can look into.


You can read about how he comes about using cannabis oil he extracted himself to cure his melanoma

This one is very detailed how it’s used

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Medical Cannabis is a thing. There are doctors who are qualified to recommend treatment with Cannabis.

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Rick Simpson Oill good, but there are much better ways to prepare it. Chlorophyll and waxes are not medicinal. The key is to extract the cannabinoids and teroenes, while leaving the yucky stuff behind.

A multiple QWET extraction would make very clean medicine that shouldn’t cause much digestive distress.


I agree, but for a start, which the OP seems to need to get up to speed first, Rick Simpson is a good starting point. Of course, I don’t extract the oil with his method any more.

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Thank you !

@Ning @blackthumbbetty thank you.


Thanks!I appreciate the info

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