Please help for my yellow plants

Likely a magnesium deficiency yes add cal mag

Thanks I have Calmag but have been adding only a small amount trying to be in preventive mode. 20 ppm was suggested for the 1.75 liter of distilled water I mix up…sound about right?

Honestly that little I couldn’t tell you, i usually mix a table spoon in a gallon

all right i’ll try that thanks again

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When I got my RO filter, first thing I did was check ppm of nutes I had. This is what I found @pmaster3.

. It may give you a general range of GH nutes, +.


The plants are still suffering. I gave 750 ml water for each of them with nutritions in it. And I also spray their leaves with another leave spray. But they are still like this and some of new leaves are also going to be brown and yellow…

What are you using for soil? they look to be nutrient burnt stop trying to feed them

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I didnt feed till yesterday. They are 19 days now. I just watered them till yesterday. And I thought that I need to feed them when everyone say nutrition deficiency. I just found local nutrition. I will send here formula of it. So I mixed 10 ml to 2 liter water. And I gave 750 ml for each plant.

Not feeding them doesn’t mean your soil isn’t too nutrient rich to start them in know the soil brand and type matters some soils have a nutrient charge in them

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It looks like really bad nute burn still… At least to me it does.

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@Donaldj @TokersHaven
What can I do now? I live in another country and there aren’t those soil brands here which you advice. I just found torf and soil mix. It doesnt write detailed formula on soil package. Any advice for making them better? Flushing or something like that? I dont want to overwater them neither in this stress.

What country do you live in i can try and help find u soil. I personally would be trying to change soils pretty quick. The bag didnt have an npk ratio? I thought every bag had one. Or at min a list of ingredients.

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@TokersHaven I live in Turkey. I searched for such soil package but they dont write anything about npk or ingreditents. It just writes such sentences like “there is nice mix for your plants needs”.

O good lord Turkey!!! I was hoping for something like spain italy brazil hahaha but Turkey!!! Wow first welcome from the other side of the pond lol nw lets see what time of soil we can get to Turkey…Hate to ask but isnt it against Turkish law? I could care less but that will also effect shipping…

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Are you close to Diyarbakir province? Your outdoor soil is to die for from what im reading.

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Wow your right! Its very hard to find soil for ya… Imma keep trying. Have you thought about mixing your own?

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@TokersHaven I am not close to Diyarbakır. I am close to Ankara. I can mix my own but how? I live just near big forest. Can I use that soil?

Oh boy im still new to growing let me tage a few guys. @Majiktoker @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @garrigan62

This guy is having a hard time with soil, lives in Turkey. I tried looking up soils for him but no success. Theyre natural outdoor soil is apparently one of the best known to man however. Could he use that? Can you guys help? Maybe even help him do his own mix? Thanks in advance


I specialize in hydro I am decent/good with soil but I tend to favor soil less mixes over organic the others will have better suggestions for making your own mix.


Wont be my plants good in this soil anymore? Can I make this soil better? Or do I need to just wait?..