Please help! First time grower.. Rust like spots over the leafs of my plant? What is is? Deficiencies, Nutrient burn or fungus?

Now the only reason I ask if it’s nutrient burn, is because I fed 2 of the smallest ones nutes not know what I was even up to… Please help it seems to be spreading

It’s also been like this for well 2 weeks. Maybe more I’m not entirely sure

What’s the ph of your water your using to feed.

6.5-7ph. Originally I started off on a 5.5-6 and my plants were doing great. But introduced them to nutrients fairly early in my eyes now that I think about it as I have no clue what is what just yet :man_facepalming:t4: I also have been told I could be a deficiency? I do have some lime and epsom salts and was going to see if it were a deficiency and see if that worked over the week otherwise if that didn’t work I was going to flush them out and hopefully get them back on track. But as you can understand I don’t want to fuck my plants around too much as I’m very new to this game

Here are some more photos

I run mine a little closer to 6.4 - 6.7 on ph fluctuating a little to let different nutes thru the week. Do you use a cal-mag I had a similar problem early and caught it.

Yeah I might have to use ph 6.4 to 6.7 as you said. And don’t have cal-mag but I do have epsom salts for magnesium and lime for calcium. I was going to use the epsom salts and lime next watering schedule or should I do it ASAP?

And to answer your question properly no I haven’t used any cal-mag at all throughout my grow

Yes I would I had to start using it once a week to clear up spots on one of mine. Within a week I didn’t have anymore problems as of yet lol

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Are you being careful to not get any water on the leaves when you feed or water? And welcome to the community!:+1:

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Welcome to the forum.
Soil being used?
Ph of soil?
Looks like calcium deficiency to me.

If you having a PH problem, adding Lime will raise further your PH and lockout the calcium even if it exists.

There the other issue. When I first started feeding them I had the worse watercan available and we’ll got my leaves wet. So I ended up going to buy a better sprayer so I didn’t get any water drops/feed onto my leaves

Hey cheers and the soil I’m using is call cannatera I’m pretty sure. And ph level in the soil is an 7.5-8. I’m not too sure if this is good or not

Sweet spot for PH of soil is 6.5 with a range from 6-7
How did you test the soil PH to get your readings?
What tool are you using to test it?

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Like skydiver said your ph is to high. The spots look like rust spots caused by getting water on the leaves. Keep an eye on them I could be mistaken. If no more show up you’ll be ok once you get your ph down.

Blue lab soil ph pen

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Sweet as I’ll give that a try. Any suggestions to fixing a ph problem?

You can get bottles of ph up and ph down. That’s what I use. There’s also homegrown items around the house you can use but I’m drawing a blank lol sorry. Is the new growth growing out without the spots?

Oh yes I do use ph up and ph down. And usually drop my ph levels down to 6.5 from 7. But it could be from my liquid nutrients when I add them to the water. Does liquid nutrients change pH levels? I haven’t actually tested to see. And yes the new growth on the plant is all good no spots at all that I’ve noticed any way

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