Please help! First time grow

First time grow. Plant is 5 weeks old. Outside grow in a bucket. I just moved it indoors under LED today. Setting up a tent. Im not sure if its a pest problem or nutrients. PH is 6.2. She has had nothing but water so far. Its late for outdoors, so it started flowering. Im about to start her on AN Grow/micro/bloom 2ml/L. I would like to save her. I was going to try to force Veg again, but i think i should just put her on 12/12 to get something out of her. Any thoughts?

It is stunted based on being 5 weeks old. Bugs definitely got to this plant. Now that you’ve moved it indoors, be aware that you might have moved the pests in with it. Do a thorough inspection and remove any pests. Re-veg? Well, that’s possible. Or you could let it continue to flower and see what you get. Whatever happens, learn from what’s happening and apply that knowledge to your next grow. Everybody does that.


Don’t see a huge nutrient problem, but those holes are from insects. You may be bringing some inside when you bring the plant inside.


Thanks for the advice. I inspected it before bringing it indoors. I didnt find any pests. I think i will let it finish. Maybe the nutrients will help. Also, indoors will be better than the 98 degree/85% outdoor humidity.

I’m growing outside and inside and the indoors plants are blowing the outdoors plants away. I just wanted to see how much difference there really is. Much more control over things indoors.

I totally agree. I’ll have more control

If you flower that plant you’re just gonna have that one bud right there. I’d start another seed because the energy that one little bud needs is not enough to justify wasting $ on electric

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What strain is it ? Im just curious
Photo or auto as well
The guys seem to have you covered
Ph is a little low also just below the exceptable range

Its from some seeds that i found in some ditch weed. Im amazed that it made it this far. Ill send an updated pic next week. It is starting to look a little better already. The leaves are picking up and the buds show new life.