Please help! First Time Grow Problems

Welcome to ilgm @Pepperoni

The light warrior soil isn’t actually soil. It’s a soilless mix. pH water in at 5.8 pH.

There are hundreds of soils and soil mixes out there. Many are only available in the US or other specific countries.

You can look and see what is available to you locally and go with that. Avoid soils and mixes with time release fertilizer as they seem to cause more problems than they fix. You can even make your own soil.

Most hardware stores in the US carry some form of potting soil with perlite that will work fine.

Lots of options for you to think about and make a decision.

I don’t recall the level of nutrients in light warrior but seems to me that your gonna need nutrients pretty quick.

And @Hogmaster point about putting holes in your bucket is valid or your gonna drown those roots.

Happy growing!


No worries on the container. I use a drill to put a bunch of holes in the bottom. I know I’m going to need a bigger container towards the end. Just growing on a budget right now lol.

My other plant though doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Not growing, just stays the same size. I have it under two 65 watt full spectrum grow lights and my T5, but it just doesn’t seem to want to grow.

Yes! The Flower Power is excellent. Both in powdered and organic form. Sorry. It is a powder. No need to pay shipping for water. Dissolves instantly in water.

Also; You can grow in stri=aight ProMix and not use any dirt and do not have to invest in expensive Foxfarm soil.

On a note about Foxfarm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Nutrient system works great but, there is one big issue I have; Especially for soil grows. Every tsp. you add to water lowers the PH. So by the time you get FF up to strength; You have to PH up at least aPH point or more. I did not like having to do that, and therefore I do not recommend Foxfarm for soil grows unless you care to deal with this PH buffer issue.

In fact; I am planning to call Max at Froxfarm and have a chat about this. Later guys and gals! :slight_smile:


Ok, guys:

I took your advice and forked out the $3.75 and purchased a 5 gallon cloth pot for my plant. So far it seems fantastic!!

I lined the top with some reflective insulation I had left over and it looks like it’s spreading the light around. Another win!!

What do you guys think of the setup?? All comments, positive or negative, are welcome.

Appreciate your help!!

My 2 cents…I think you need more light. If you have the resources look into leds.


100% agree. I just don’t have the funds right now for more lighting.

Going to have to go with what I have for a few more weeks.

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@LV2GRW what else are you growing there?

Different varieties of peppers. Mostly jalapenos for chipotle seasonings, but I have some Datils, Trinidad Scorpions, Carolina reapers and Poblanos.

Spent the day yesterday getting the garden dug out and peppers planted. I actually caught a sunburn :sunglasses:

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can you move it outdoors for a few hours a day?

Can’t underestimate the power of free solar energy :wink:


I appreciate all the input, guys. You have all been a great help!!

It’s been a little over a week since I created this thread and all the information has been very beneficial.

My first plant is doing MUCH better. Leafs are looking fantastic and my second plant has begun to FINALLY grow!! I’ll keep posting on this thread, giving updates throughout the grow.

Thanks again, guys!!

Happy growing!!

One week since last post and the plants are doing great!!

Started the bigger one on a 5-2-3, but I’m feeding at half the recommended dosage.

There’s a little whitening on the leafs, but I’m thinking this is from the hardening process.

I’ll post another picture next week.

Happy growing!!

Another week in and the plants look great!!

Trying out Tappin’ Roots on the bigger plant and started both plants on Vegamatrix Grow 5-2-3

Ph water to 6.0

I’m using drops, but it looks to be fairly close to 6.0

Post again next week.

I know nobody is reading this, but I don’t care. Gonna post anyways :wink::wink:

Switched from 750 watt MH to 750 watt HPS, today. Looks like another 8 weeks and we’ll be done.



I’m reading it!

Tag me along in your updates! I’d love to see how they come out.

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End of week three, plants are sprouting some nice buds!!

Base fert Tiger Bloom (2-8-4)
Beastie Bloomz booster (0-50-30)
1000 watt HPS
Temp: 75°F to 80°F
Humidity: 22%
pH: 6.5
TDS: 1200 to 1300 for flowing


pH: 6.05
PPM: 1550



Those are looking awesome! 3 weeks into flower?


Yeah, just finished week 3. Going into week 4 today :wink:



Here’s a good shot with the HPS off.